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  1. C

    Bedliner custom tint?!

    Painting The exterior of a 97 lx450 with 14L of raptor bedliner, hopefully don’t use it all but that’s not the point. Contacted all my local paint shops here in Colorado and they refuse to do a custom urethane tint... So sticking to 3oz custom coat from amazon, has anyone tried mixing any of...

    88 FJ62 Restoration

    88 FJ62, in process. Stripped, epoxied, 2k primed, based, and glamour cleared - color is Toyota Cement Gray... any suggestions on resto-modifications? TRD running boards, roof rack, etc? Looking for any suggestions, thanks.
  3. S

    Help with paint number

    I am thinking of repainting my Land Cruiser and this specific light blue color got me interested, I’ve looked everywhere online, I have even contacted the dealers, non of which helped out. Turns out this color came on specific GCC models and was a unique one.
  4. Borrego

    Dreaming - What Paint Color

    I know there have been threads on paint colors, but with all the new options out there, if you were to change colors completely, what color would you paint your 60? I'm really digging this new Toyota Calvary Blue. Especially if everything were blacked out.
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