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  1. Shoulderleen

    Solved: Prismatic Powders Color Match for Oak/SEM Monterey

    I’m interested in powder coating some metal to match the factory oak color of the interior plastics of my ‘95. Has anyone gone through the $500 color match process with or found a powder that is an exact color match to Oak/SEM Color Coat Monterey? If not, I will pass the...
  2. Malleus

    TSB 80 series bumper paint codes 1

    Paint code numbers for all 1990-1997 Land Cruiser models; does not include LX450 codes
  3. Malleus

    TSB 1996 Paint codes 1

    Cross reference list of Color Code/Color name/Manufacturer code number Paint color codes for the following manufacturers, for all 1996 models: BASF DuPont SherwinWilliams PPG Sikkens Spies-Hecker ICI
  4. S

    Help idetifying this color

    Hello everyone, i've been on the forums for a little bit now but this is my first post. I'm hoping there is someone out there who can help me. Pictured below is my grandfather and his fj40 with my mother and uncle in the back. I've started restoring a 40 of my own and want to paint it to match...
  5. AaKnight

    Matching 045 White Paint OEM Finish

    I'm about to address a couple rust patches on my hood and cowl, and will need to paint a couple areas. Does anyone know if the 045 single stage is an urethane or lacquer? I'm looking into the PPG Omni acrylic urethane... im mostly worried the finish is not going to match and will be too...
  6. P

    Best LX470 Exterior Color? (3 Votes Allowed)

    Vote above on your favorite LX470 exterior colors (3 votes allowed). Note that I ran out of voting options so I combined colors that were similar and made the executive decision to ax gold from the list. Sorry, don’t mind gold but thought it would not be a top vote getter. Feel free to post...
  7. Paulrotterdam

    Powdercoat RAL colour white wheels

    Guys, does anybody know the RAL colour code for the original white Toyota wheels? I want to get them powder coated, but there are about a zillion different whites. Gloss, high gloss, clear coat? Any experiences? Tips are welcome!
  8. Z

    100 series two-tone

    I recently purchased a '99 with 108K on it. Body is quite clean other than normal scratches. The majority of these are on the cladding. Since it is already two-tone champagne pearl over (I believe) UCA46 I was thinking of having all cladding/bumper resprayed. I think a little darker gray would...
  9. F

    fzj80 / hdj80 interior body paint code

    Hi, I am looking for the paint code for the interior of the body panels (NOT the interior trim). It is some type of satin blackish color which I believe is standard for all Land cruiser 80s. You'll see if it if you look being the plastic panels in the trunk or on the inside of many other body...
  10. C

    Bedliner custom tint?!

    Painting The exterior of a 97 lx450 with 14L of raptor bedliner, hopefully don’t use it all but that’s not the point. Contacted all my local paint shops here in Colorado and they refuse to do a custom urethane tint... So sticking to 3oz custom coat from amazon, has anyone tried mixing any of...
  11. NOLACC

    88 FJ62 Restoration

    88 FJ62, in process. Stripped, epoxied, 2k primed, based, and glamour cleared - color is Toyota Cement Gray... any suggestions on resto-modifications? TRD running boards, roof rack, etc? Looking for any suggestions, thanks.
  12. S

    Help with paint number

    I am thinking of repainting my Land Cruiser and this specific light blue color got me interested, I’ve looked everywhere online, I have even contacted the dealers, non of which helped out. Turns out this color came on specific GCC models and was a unique one.
  13. Borrego

    Dreaming - What Paint Color

    I know there have been threads on paint colors, but with all the new options out there, if you were to change colors completely, what color would you paint your 60? I'm really digging this new Toyota Calvary Blue. Especially if everything were blacked out.
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