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May 2, 2020
south carolina
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Hello everyone, i've been on the forums for a little bit now but this is my first post. I'm hoping there is someone out there who can help me. Pictured below is my grandfather and his fj40 with my mother and uncle in the back. I've started restoring a 40 of my own and want to paint it to match his in the photo. is there anybody out there that can tell me the color code, or maybe the name of the paint color? I'm not sure of it's exact year but he had the 3 on the tree shifter so i'm thinking its a 1969-1973 if that narrows the color down at all. Any help is much appreciated thanks in advance :)

fj40 Papou.jpg
Apr 21, 2005
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I have a 10/69 (70 model) I bought from the original owner in July 2011. Snapped a picture of the only picture he could find of it
The carrot 002 (1).JPG

Here is a picture I took after getting it to it's new location.
The carrot 025 (1).JPG

By your picture can tell the one in this post is either a 70 or 71 model. 70 model replaced the reflector on the side with a clearance light. 71 was the last model year for three footman loops on each barn door. 73 would have a one year only larger reverse light. 74 started the three color lens that included the reverse light. As far as I can tell it's Coronada beige. Wasn't until the 75 that color code wqs included on the plaque under the hood. Possible have some original paperwork that has the color code for my 70. Got a bunch paperwork from when the PO's brother had a small Toyota dealership. This I got paper from the original sale in March 1970. That paper is at another location. I there regularly and could check.

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