1. A

    Evaluating the value of my FZJ80

    Hello! Please notify me if this is not ok to post in tech forum, I wasn’t sure the proper location. Not listing classified just looking for help in valuing my ride as I am considering selling! Specs: 1994 FZJ80 lives in AZ for its first 20 years with one owner. I purchased 5 year ago and...
  2. A

    Builds  2005 LX470 Build

    Hello! I wanted to share a few pics of my LX470 build. 2005 LX470 OME 2.5" Lift from Slee Offroad with Slee Diff Drop and SPC upper control arms TJM Winch Mount plate with custom modified factory bumper. Warn 9.5XP with remote mount solenoid box. Michelin LTX AT2 Tires
  3. icorradoi

    For Sale  FJ80 OME 850/863 & Icon 2.0 Shocks Bay Area, CA $850

    Looking to sell this combo of 850/863 OME springs and Icon 2.0 shocks. This lift worked very nicely for me on my '96 80 series with a good level of comfort, dampening, and capability for a 2.5" lift. Springs and shocks have about 10K miles on them and are in very good condition. Prefer not...
  4. Duc13

    Ride Performance Report Stock to OME (used - broken in)

    I enjoyed the smooth ride of the 200...was a bit concerned on how much stiffer the OME kit would make it. Background Data: - 2013 LC - 92k miles - Completely Stock - Recently purchased, tires came with Wrangler Fortitude HT 275/65/18 at ~35psi Installed OME Kit purchased used off of iH8mud...
  5. haas

    For Sale  1996 LX450. 3rd owner. Clean in CO.

    SOLD. 1996 LX450 for sale. 263,107 miles. 3rd owner. Was a CA truck, 100% dealer maintained until 2008 when 2nd owner brought it out to CO. I purchased the vehicle in 2011 bone stock @ 164,000 miles. I thought this would be a life long purchase for me, but the addition of 4 kids is forcing my...
  6. robtackett

    For Sale  97 triple locked anni

    Ok well I started a side by side race series and really don't need 2 fjs. This is for my 97 triple locked and lifter fzj80. All lockers work but have been put on individual switches. Runs great with lots of maintenance done. Has ome lift that has less the 200 miles on it and newer cooper...
  7. pmccraney

    For Sale  [***SOLD***] 100 Series - OME shocks and rear springs {Jackson, MS USA}

    For sale are: 1) OME Nitrocharger Sport Shocks - 2 front/2 rear; and 2) OME 2860 (aka 860) Rear Coil Springs. $400.00 for the bundle. Would prefer to sell together. This basically gives you everything you need to lift a 100 (at a pretty low cost), except for the torsion bars...
  8. Duc13

    Expected labor cost for lift installation?

    Hi, I am looking to get a lift put into a 200 series what should I expect to pay near San Francisco, CA area? When I was shopping for the suspension Cruiseroutfitters quoted $450 install. Not finding anything in that price range in CA. It is more around $850-$1,000 for labor. 2013 LC OME Medium...
  9. fitzy

    HZJ77 lift

    I've got OME heavy/heavy on my FJ62 and like it a lot. For my HZJ77, not sure whether to go heavy/medium, or heavy/ heavy. I don't want to be putting more leafs in later if I can avoid it. I don't run a winch, and it's on 33" BFGs. Thanks for any thoughts.
  10. LazyEye

    For Sale  1992 FJ80, Good Solid Mechanical condition, paint...meh, lifted, good tires

    Hey Fellow Mudders, I am choosing (being forced...:princess:) to sell my beloved 80. I was using it as my DD but was simply spending too much for my wife to bear, she's very fiscally minded. Anyway here's the book I've written about it along with some pictures. PM me is you're interested...
  11. hogape2

    For Sale  ***sold*** 1988 fj62 eastern nc v8 swap

    88 fj62 v8 swap 5.3 chevy vortec, 4L60e trans, thumpr cam, headers, true duals, flowmaster mufflers, ome heavy suspension, front winch bumper with engo 9000# winch. truck has 263k miles, engine swap / suspension / winch bumper done summer 2017 engine was rebuilt at swap and has 21k miles...
  12. J

    For Sale  BJ/FJ40/42 series OME Ultimate Suspension Kit

    Fits any Early to 1984 BJ/FJ40/41/42 Complete set of springs, shocks, bushings, greasable shackles and steering damper...all hardware included. Never installed OLD MAN EMU kit, with dakar springs sold to me by Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters. Cruiser Outfitters Below are the details...
  13. DoubleNickels

    Cruiser Outfitter's 55-Specific Suspension Kit - Advice Please

    Piggers A few weeks ago I purchased the 55-specific suspension kit from Kurt @ Cruiser Outfitters. The kit is comprised of Old Man Emu spring packs and shocks, along with goodies such as anti-inversion grease-able shackles and bushings. Good stuff. The kit requires moving the rear hanger back...
  14. hogape2

    FREE  delete

  15. mep1811

    Two add a leaf's to OME?

    Is it possible to add a second add-a-leaf to an OME spring pack with an add-a-leaf? I need a little more lift. One of my airbag failed and so I am a little ass low. I'll be in Salt Lake city on Monday so I can get the part from Cruiser Outfitters. Thanks
  16. 5

    2"+ Lift

    Not sure if im understanding this correctly but it appears there are very few options for getting longer travel shocks from our 100's. It seams most are limited to handle 1.5" - 2" lift and maintain enough drop. If you have lots of $$$$$ and need a lift for 140MPH baja runs " sarcasm everyone...
  17. jason95819

    SOLD  1995 FZJ80 NorCal

    Love this rig but have too many vehicles and need a more practical vehicle for my son. Thanks for looking. 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 *price reduced*
  18. seattle80series

    For Sale  FJ80 OME 2" lift medium springs, front only (Seattle area)

    These units are used, I switched to the heavies. 80 cash. Bellevue pickup only. Sorry no pics but they're in the original box.
  19. bryson

    For Sale  1997 Land Cruiser FZJ80 project in Utah

    1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80. 263k miles No differential lockers. Runs and drives but is in partially-parted-out state. Will drive onto a trailer, but is not suitable to be driven on-road. Rear brake and park brake assemblies are gone, front door windows are gone, instrument cluster is gone...
  20. bryson

    For Sale  1994 Land Cruiser FZJ80 project

    1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80. No differential lockers. Runs and drives but is in partially-parted-out state. Will drive onto a trailer, but is not suitable to be driven on-road. Has an oil leak that I believe is the valve cover gasket. The radiator leaks, but is all metal and can likely be...
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