1. dan1554

    1hdt injector o-ring Dimensions

    I purchased a kit that included the copper washers but not the o-rings, and I'd rather not pay/wait for shipping from Australia to get them. Does anyone know the dimensions for the 1hdt injector o-rings? I heard Viton rings might be a good upgrade to what Toyota provides. Is there any truth to this?
  2. O

    100 Series Viscous Fan Hub O-Ring Size

    As per above does anyone know the size shape and diameter of the sealing O-Ring to suit a 2001, 100 Series 4.5lt Viscous Fan Hub O-Ring. VIN: JTECJ09J605502869 Model: FZJ105R-GNMNKQ Engine:1FZ-FE Thanks in advance Oz
  3. toyofan

    ABS sensor O-ring part number ?

    Anybody know the ABS Sensor O-ring part number or something equivalent ? (Front) I was told it only comes with the a new sensor Thanks !
  4. Randy88FJ62

    No heat, core flushed. What is the thermostat o-ring P/N?

    I bought my 62 and the heater never worked. The previous owner had the water pump and thermostat done and I assume he did not put in the thermostat o-ring. What is the part number for the thermostat gasket and o-ring so I can let my local dealer know what they need to order me? Searches aren't...
  5. saleach

    Help identifying misc. o-ring

    hello! I am in the process of putting my water pump installation back together and I came across a random, tiny oring at the bottom of my bay. I took photos and color marked bolts but do not remember seeing or taking off this oring. It is not the smaller oring that belongs to the thermostat...
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