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  1. SandShark

    '71 FJ - Clueless and need help

    Hello all, I'm new to the community. I've always been a Toyota guy ('98 Runner, 2x 2010 Tacos) and have been looking for a, I bought a '71 FJ for s**ts and giggles. My priorities are: 1) Installing seat frames and seats 2) Figuring out the steering/installing power steering 3)...
  2. D

    New to a diesel engine

    Bought a 77 fj40 diesel and am trying to get this baby to at least a reliable state. Can anyone recommend a website for miscellaneous parts as well as well as kits for specific upgrades etc. Already I am aware that this thing is burning oil bad. Putting in 2 quarts at fill up. How difficult is...
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