1. TLC Norway

    Toyo Open Country MT 285/85r16 on a 60

    Decided to put this thread in here, as i've been looking for exactly this kind of intel. So, i was interested in roughly a "true" 33x10,5 size for my HJ61, and been looking at what i could find locally, not much available. In the range of 255/85r16, there was not a lot to be found, and had to...
  2. PeeZed

    Mt Bolduc 2017 (May 26th Ladies Retreat Chaperones Needed)!

    Hey folks. That time of year again. If you'd like to join me in chaperoning a group of women on a run up Mt. Bolduc on May 17th for our Women's Outdoor Adventure Camp that would be sweet. Probably 2-3 rigs would be sufficient. We will be leaving our site (Camp Imadene) at
  3. jpoole

    MUDShip  Need a ride for a door, Butte MT to Chattanooga TN area

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a driver side, rear door from a fellow mudder in Butte MT. Shipping is around $200 for that since it requires a crate. Without knowing much about this Mudship thing I thought I'd try it out. Anyone have room for a door from MT to somewhere around Chattanooga TN? I...
  4. wngrog

    For Sale  Brand New Old School BFG MT 33x10.50x15

    I have been sitting on this tire since I run these on my 60 but I need to raise some cash for my Pig project. No cracks. Garage stored. Mounted on a 6 lug. Will ship. Plug in 50# and 33x33x10 into UPS or FedEx Ground from 39110 and figure price $200 plus shipping OBO
  5. Wadesters

    BFG 33x10.50x15 MT versus AT

    If riding mostly on the street is there a significant difference between the ride and road noise between the BFG MT's versus AT's. These would be for an FJ40.
  6. 85FJ60SD

    MUDShip  Helena MT to Carlsbad CA

    Looking to move and FJ40 Tub, hardtop and cage from Helena MT 59602 to Carlsbad CA 92009 sometime this month. Hope all is well, -Victor
  7. tgadd

    Wanted  33x10.5x15 AT or MT

    Want a set of 33s for my 40 with 75% tread left. I'm in NC so would prefer Southeast but can discuss paying for shipping.
  8. joekatana

    For Sale  Hutchinson beadlock wheels with 40" Toyo MT tires

    TIRES AND WHEELS ARE SOLD I am selling my Hutchinson D.O.T. legal beadlock wheels and 40" Toyo MT tires.I have 5 wheels and 4 tires. I bought the wheels of another Mud member last year that was running these under his 80 series.I was thinking about putting a soa on my HZJ73 and run these with...
  9. brew8

    Wanted  (MT) Need a pigtail for a FJ40 gauge cluster.

    Like the title says I need the gauge plug with the wires coming off like 10 inches to rewire my cruiser, a picture below for the type I need, cheers, Larry
  10. grishw1

    31 or 245/70R17 Kenada MT with American Racing Chrome rims

    Paid $1200. Will sell for $450. Have 200 miles on tires. Located in Austin. PM if interested. For Sale - (4) 31 or 245/70R17 Kenada MT with American R. chrome rims
  11. peterbozeman

    MUDShip  4 wheels from Lewiston, ID to Bozeman, MT

    Howdy, Anyone coming from Lewiston, ID area to Montana? I am in Bozeman, but am willing to come to Missoula. The cargo would be 4 wheels. No tires. Just wheels in boxes. Cheers, Peter
  12. baldilocks

    Wanted  MT 1.5" or 2.0" front spring spacers

    Info is in the title. I'm willing to try either size spacer if the price is right. Thanks
  13. Ali M

    Nooby question about WA Trails?

    Are there any trails you can recommend with my '16 LC stock tires and ground clearance of 9.1 inch? I am also eyeing the following trails, so your brief insight on these would be appreciated in terms of what parts of the trail you tried and your rig's current tires/lift: Walker Valley Reiter...
  14. Ali M

    Can 100 w/o locker do this?

    Saw this video on youtube and really impressed with this 100 set up but not enough info on the rig by the owner. May be someone here on Mud :) and can share with us his set up besides the obvious front/rear bumpers :)
  15. Shooter307

    Trade  FJ80 ARB for Metaltech Big Stinger bumper, WYOMING

    Looking to trade my FJ80 ARB Winch bumper for a Metaltech Tube bumper of equal condition with big stinger - straight up trade. ARB Is in good condition no dents just 2-3 spots where the paint was rubbed off. I am located in Northwest Wyoming, Willing to travel a few hours but not extremely far.
  16. Shooter307

    Trade  FJ80 ARB Bumper for Metaltech Big Stinger, Wyoming

    Looking to trade my FJ80 ARB Winch bumper for a Metaltech Tube bumper of equal condition with big stinger. Would also be interested in selling the ARB for cash if anyone is interested. ARB Is in good condition no dents just 2-3 spots where the paint was rubbed off. I am located in Northwest...
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