motor swap

  1. D

    3.0 to 22re

    I'm looking for information pertaining to a motor swap and wiring set up. I have a 1987 toyota 4runner with a 22re with a rotten frame and rotting quarter panels. I bought a 1990 4 door 3.0 auto toyota 4runner. Super cheap and super clean. Motor and granny already pulled and gone, PO did that...
  2. CruiserWeight

    Heart Transplant Help. (Take Out Parts For Sale)

    So after hashing things out at the DMV I can finally move forward with my build. I have a 1987 FJ60 with a tired 2f engine that needs replacing. I have been slowly acquiring the parts I plan on stuffing underneath the hood and have the usual head scratching moments that come with a project of...
  3. F

    New here

    I'm new here and after a lot of years of yearning I now have my first FJ yea!! The problem is it was retro fitted with a Chevy 350 and it has a 3 speed transmission motor is junk can someone please tell me what motor and 4 speed transmission will be compatible with the transfer case? Any help...
  4. J

    Engine-Swapped 2006 LX470 - Purchase Advice?

    Evening, all, my first real post! I'm looking to make the jump into a 100 Series for the wife and baby (however it's destined to be my overlander project ASAP). I've attempted my due diligence in searching, as I've been a lurker here for a while and no stranger to the decorum of the forums...
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