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  2. D

    Do I need a Steering cooler

    up grading our 67 restoration with a mini truck power steering conversion, boy those boxes are hard to find, just got one. We are using 33 inch tires, do we need a power steering cooler?
  3. SteveH

    For Sale  CO: AM radio knob - FJ40, pickup

    From an '83 Toyota pickup, but presumably fits other Toyota AM radios. Single knob with typical wear. $10 + shipping from 80908. Steve
  4. Borrego

    What is this in my Axle?

    One of my Toys is an 85 mini truck. I rebuilt my knuckles and replaced the inner axle oil seals about a year ago. I have about 200 miles on it since the rebuild. All of a sudden I started hearing a click in the front diff. I took everything apart thinking I had broken my locker or ring teeth or...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  15" Factory Alloy Wheels Landcruiser, 4Runner, Mini Truck

    SoCal $175 for all 4 with original caps included Beautiful set with caps, These are 6 lug wheels used with Toyota 4 x 4 trucks. This set was on a 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80. NO TIRES, JUST A REALLY CLEAN SET OF 15 x 7 rims. Caps will not be sold separately.
  6. yotadude520

    SOLD  1980 Toyota Pickup Crawler - $5000

    Hi everybody. It pains me to do this. I literally brought this truck back from the dead..... I'm selling my 1980 Toyota Pickup that's built to be a very capable 4x4/rock crawler. I really don't want to sell it but I need an SUV and would like to see it go to someone who will use it. I've daily...
  7. Dumpolina

    SOLD  1980 Mini truck (NM)

    $900 NOW HAS TITLE!! 1980 4wd short bed. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico 20r supposedly ran when parked 5 to 8 years ago. No bed No radiator Drive train is complete but obviously condition is difficult to assess. It looks really good Interior rough, partially dismantled Cab seems pretty good...
  8. Pacer

    Sacrilege? '81 Trekker, to build or not....

    So, I bought a rusty Trekker a few years back. I got it to run, got it to move and stop and then I tore it apart. Floors were completely shot! The sliding rear windows in the cap must'a leaked from the factory, this truck spent its entire life with a soggy carpet. Other than that, the frame...
  9. Dumpolina

    Needed mini truck seats

    My gray Toyota harem is growing! I need a set of pickup or 4Runner bucket seats for this pile... if anyone in NM or Durango area has a decent set, or sees some at a yard, please give me a shout. Thanks!
  10. Hitoy4x4

    For Sale  Fiberglass bed

    For Sale Fiberglass Bed for a 1984 to 1988 Toyota shortbed pickup Also have one for 1989 to 1995 Toyota shortbed pickupFiberglass Bed by Hitoy4x4 posted Jan 31, 2018 at 9:47 AMFiberglass Bed by Hitoy4x4 posted Jan 31, 2018 at 9:47 AM
  11. Not A CJ

    Power steering conversion help

    i worked with @orangefj45 at Valley Hybrid to get almost everything I need to convert my 1978 FJ40 to mini truck setup. I got the power steering box out of a 83 4 runner as well. My question is does anyone have pictures of a completed install using the Rare Parts RP69224 power steering pump...
  12. yotadude520

    For Sale  Mini Truck/FJ Brake Dust Shields - Immaculate!

    Bought these a while back when I was doing a SAS. They had just been sandblasted and painted and look great. Looking to sell for $100, which is what I paid (includes shipping). Not looking to make a buck here just trying to get my money back.
  13. krs2fur

    For Sale  SOLD!! Mini Trans + Double Xfr Cases

    SOLD!!! I'm helping out a friend who's parting out his now abandoned truggy crawler project. Most of it's already gone to friends & family. BUT..... I offer to you, today, a 5 speed trans (was told this is the '95 version with bigger bearings) from a 22R truck. This was gone through by...
  14. T

    Mini Truck build-FZJ80 Rear axle leaf spring perches

    Know where I can find Leaf spring perches for a 93-97 landcruiser rear axle. I plan on swapping a full float onto my mini truck for a camper platform. thoughts, I want your 2c.
  15. Dedtruk

    SOLD  Batch o' misc mini truck parts in southern NJ, USA

    Scrapped, actually. Tired of looking at it .... I am sooo sick of looking at this stuff ... Most from 1984 to '88 minis and 4Runner: Crank pulleys, emergency brake handle and cable, exhaust manifold (with stainless air pipe for EGR) for 22R and the downpipe to the cat, couple of 26 spline...
  16. gpfj40

    Builds  Dusty the mini truck that wishes it was a Land Cruiser

    So I’ve started another project. Given the focus on Land Cruisers here on Mud, I’m not sure how interesting you guys will find this. Here’s the basics: 86 IFS 4x4 22r regular cab mini truck Swap in 60 series front/rear axles split case from 60 series TH350, full manual reverse valve body LQ4...
  17. Dumpolina

    For Sale  NM: Mini Truck (8") ARB Air Locker in bad 3rd

    Mini Truck (8") ARB Air Locker in bad 3rd Located in Albuquerque LOCAL ONLY- I will not ship. I'll be in Durango over Thanksgiving and could bring it along. See craigslist ad for pictures... it looks like a 3rd member! Toyota 8 ARB locker This was the rear 3rd member in a crawler 4Runner I got...
  18. hglouis

    what ps pump is this?

    Hey guys, here's a mash of ps components I collected around 5 yrs ago. I'm finally getting around to this project and been reading all the associated threads. I intended to do the mini truck setup as I've done before myself on a 78 FJ. I do have the box bracket from JTO (not in picture) in my...
  19. bubfuji

    For Sale  Toyota Mini Truck AISIN Locking hubs 86-95

    I have 2 AISIN Locking hubs for a toyota mini truck with IFS years 86-95. Will not fit the FJ60/FJ62 Cruisers. Both hubs have been rebuilt (Cleaned, greased, etc) The Silver faced Hub is near perfect and in great shape, and locks/unlocks well. The Black faced Hub had some serious rust damage...
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