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  1. LXNash

    SOLD  Tennessee: OEM Mark Levinson Radio & Amp from '01 LX

    Just re-did my stereo and in no need of these. Both work, but amp has cosmetic damage from me taking it apart to figure out some wiring bits. $50 OBO + shipping.
  2. chelfy

    For Sale  2002 Lexus LX 470 Center Dash Navigation / Radio Trim Bezel Woodgrain 100 series

    This navigation / radio trim was taken out of my 2002 Lexus LX 470 with Mark Levinson Navigation. It may be compatible with previous year models, buyer responsible for compatibility check. I believe the part # is 84010-60220 I took this out of my vehicle when doing a retro-fit of an...
  3. chelfy

    For Sale  2002 100 Series LX 470 Mark Levinson Navigation Screen OEM

    I removed this from my LX 470 to do a retro-fit, it works as it should and is in great condition for the age. I believe this is part #88650-60570. $345 shipped.
  4. ferrarishine999

    Replacing Mark Levinson Amp on 2001 LX470 without Navigation.

    I very recently bought a 2001 LX470 with 175k miles for 7500, knowing that the amp was not working. I want to replace the Head Unit at some point, but I should really wait if I have to drop $475 to repair my Mark Levinson amp. Some head units come with built in amps, could I use those with the...
  5. Das Shtig

    Wanted  LX470 Subwoofer ML

    Anyone have a reasonably priced working subwoofer to fit my 2001 LX470 with Mark Levinson sound?
  6. K

    Aftermarket subwoofer in LX470 ML Audio - Volume control

    The subwoofer in my 2003 LX470 with mark levinson audio needed to be replaced, so i just put an aftermarket 12" Alpine in a separate enclosure(EDIT: With a seperate amplifier in the back) and dissconected the blown one in the side panel. I was able to get everything set up and works well, but i...
  7. janz3n

    mark levinson amp wiring diagram for bypass

    The TLC FAQ has been great until now. The S6 & S7 connectors they show are different than what I have in my Mark Levinson amp. (2001 LX470) Poured through threads on here and Lexus forums but nothing is working (e.g. I have three blue/yellow wires under there.) Can anyone point out what's...
  8. B

    2001 LX470 Radio Wiring Diagram

    Been at this for two days now. Head unit will not power on. I ran the speaker wires from the amp to the head unit. I used the blue and yellow wire to yellow B+ wire to head unit, brown to ground, gray add to red from HU. No power... So I decided to bypass the amp, but the wiring diagram from...
  9. T

    Wanted  LX470 Mark Levinson Subwoofer

    Fixing a new to me 2001 LX470. My subwoofer has a bad voice coil so i'm looking for a working replacement. The part number on the back of my dead subwoofer is 86150-0W010. I don't mind a working subwoofer that needs to be refoamed, thanks!
  10. Sceanzo

    Mark Levinson stereo failure

    So my ML stereo has failed. My truck is a 2003 LX 470 with rear entertainment My issue is whether the amp is bad or the radio receiver itself. I have no sound from any speakers at all. When I hit seek on the radio it just keeps scrolling. It never will settle on a station. Also my bass...
  11. 77HesterSue

    Wanted  470 OEM speaker

    Looking to buy a driver's side front door speaker. Mark Levinson. 2002 or earlier. Thanks
  12. S

    Mark Levinson AMP Issue

    Looking for confirmation on my thoughts: 2004 Lexus LX470 I've been getting a loud popping noise through what I think are my rear speakers. It happens about 5-10 minutes after I start the car. Now the sound is going off sometimes after the pop. All the modes on the head unit work just no sound...
  13. Dzrtcrzr

    Mark levinson amplifier options

    04 lx amplifier took a dump on me I was wondering if there was an aftermarket option for me or am I stuck shelling out big $ for a ML replacement?
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