1. Z

    Wanted  WTB FJ62 MAF/AFM

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an Air Flow Meter for my 1989 FJ62. Thanks! Matt
  2. sigorama

    For Sale  FJ80 MAF (mass air flow sensor) - $125

    MAF for an FJ80. I don't know anything about it. Bought it with a lot of parts. Untested but very clean. $125 plus $12 to ship. FJ-80, Mass Airflow sensor, emissions, vacuum, FJ80 FZJ80, 80 series, FJ 80, M.A.F.
  3. Mr Cimarron

    For Sale  95-97 MAF sensors & intake tubes - TX

    I have two intake tubes and two MAF sensors. No cracks that I can see. These have been sitting in my garage for over 5 years. MAF sensors $50 each shipped CONUS. Intake tubes $35 each shipped CONUS.
  4. J

    74 FJ40 MAF HEI wiring question

    Hello, I have a 74 FJ40 with an F155, desmogged, that I installed a MAF "lightning strike" HEI (mechanical advance) in place of the OEM vacuum retard dizzy. This is what I've done, I have no doubt you will find I've not done it correctly, if I had I wouldn't be asking for help getting it right...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Mass Air Flow Sensor and Air Filter 1995-1997

    SoCal For 1995, 1996, 1997 Call for price and need zip code for shipping. Paypal OK.
  6. vegansbane

    Help needed - MAF 38 gal replacement rubbing drive shaft

    Ok, just to get this out of the way - I know the MAF 38 gal (from Australian Long Range Automotive) hangs below the frame and sits close to the drive shaft. I'm ok with that because I want the added half tank of range (specifically, in the tank), and don't crawl a lot of rocks. So I've just...
  7. fzj80joe

    Wanted  2" MAF caster drop brackets

    Is anyone moving up to a larger lift and looking to sell their 2" drop brackets?
  8. E

    For Sale  OME 2.5" springs, shocks, and MAF 30mm front spacers - 80 series

    SOLD These are the 851 front and 860 rears (mediums IIRC), plus the OME shocks that came with them. Throwing in MAF 30mm front spacers. This setup gave me a perfectly level 2.5" all the way around, with my ARB front bumper (no winch). I upgraded to a higher lift and rear bumper, so this...
  9. Hokie LX

    For Sale  Brand New 100 Series MAF Sensor

    Hi all, I bought a MAF sensor to try and diagnose an issue I was having. I installed it, started up the truck, didn't fix the issue so it was removed. Has 0 miles on it and was installed for 10 minutes or so. P/N: 22204-75020 Asking $80 shipped OBO. Will fit 100 series land cruiser or LX470...
  10. Farrell Martin

    Tips/Tricks to Installing MAF Drop Brackets

    I am going to be installing some MAF drop brackets in the next couple of days and was curious if there are and tricks/tips to doing so before I get started. Is there a certain technique to use to lower the rear of the LCA? I have also heard mention of some grinding to aid the install - where...
  11. murf

    WTB: 91-92 FJ80 MAF (mass air flow) sensor

    WTB: 91-92 FJ80 MAF (mass air flow) sensor also (needle in a haystack here) a 2F oil pump feed/pickup tube pm me if you have one and how much you need $ thanks Murf
  12. tucker74

    For Sale  3FE MAF adaptor for cone style air filter

    This bolts to the MAF on a 3FE to allow you to use a K&N cone style filter. $5 + ride Tucker
  13. JAG11

    Wanted  Air Flow Meter needed 1994 Cruiser

    HI there, my meter is making my idle and acceleration go wacky and would like to replace it. Anyone have one that is in working order? Please PM me its/your details if you do. thank you.
  14. maddss

    94 MAF Sensor

    Anyone in the Maryland area have a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor I can borrow to test against mine. OR anyone know who can rebuild them, no one has them. Mechanic think this the problem 94 LC, Items replaced, Plugs, wires, cap, rotor. To be replaced fuel filter sock and fuel filter. Air/oil...
  15. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Hoot Latches

    Two sets of OEM hood latches Both are in good shape. One set was spray painted black. $25 shipped for EACH set, or $40 shipped for both Thanks!
  16. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Rear View Mirror - OEM

    Great Condition FJ40 Rear View Mirror Painted black Includes mounting plate and hardware Sorry, glass is a bit dirty in the pic, but it is in perfect shape! I can't find the 'clamp' screw, so you'll have to either use yours, or get a new one $30 shipped or pick up in Las Vegas
  17. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Interior Window Felts - NEW OEM

    FJ40 OEM Window Felts (Interior) Never installed, ended up not needing them. Bought from Beno. $40 shipped for BOTH, or pick up in Las Vegas
  18. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Hood Latch (release)

    FJ40 OEM Hood Latch Great condition Taken apart, sand blasted, and powder coated semi gloss black. Hasn't been used since. $30 shipped, or pick up in Las Vegas
  19. UZJ40

    For Sale  FJ40 Inspection Light

    FJ40 Inspection Light $20 shipped, or pick up in Las Vegas
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