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  1. Sac Cerevisiae

    Smoking Tire Video Review of 2019 LX

    The Smoking Tire did a video review on their YouTube channel on the 2019 Lexus LX 570. They take the truck on the Rowher Flats OHV trail near Santa Clarita, CA. I haven’t watched the whole hour but they seem to have nothing but positive things to say and generally “get” the purpose and value...
  2. Ali M

    LX570 vs Jeep

    Interesting read. The Jeep Rubicon is gaining up on LC, Land Rover and Mercedes G Wagon and easily winning over by price, power to weight ratio, off-roading capabilities, fuel economy etc...
  3. Q

    HELP - Center Diff Lock and 4Low

    I have a fair amount of experience with 100-series Cruisers, some with 80-series, but NONE with 200-series. I am looking at buying a 2008 LX 570 with 228,000 miles, from the original owner. I know him and I know how the truck has been treated and maintained. In short, I have no concerns, save...
  4. C

    For Sale 2011 LX 570 66K Miles $32500 Colorado

    85 by Chickenmagnet posted May 29, 2018 at 9:20 PM I will try to upload more pictures later. Has some paint imperfections - scratches small roof dings not much on body. a couple body panels look like they were touched up re painted - but there wasn't anything in the car fax I saw 6 months...
  5. DJCloz

    2011 vs 2013 LX?

    First Post here in the 200 Series Forum. I recently sold my 100 Series to finance my kitchen remodel happening soon. I have been researching 200's and It seems like LX's are more common and cheaper than LC's. That being said, I am researching / searching for a 2010-14 LX. I recently saw a...
  6. Scc1515

    For Sale 2010 LX 570 Wheels and Tires

    I have a full set of 5 wheels and tires off of a 2010 LX 570. The wheels in great shape but the tires are a bit worn except for the spare that looks brand new. Wheels are 20" and tires are 285/50R20. Wheels do not come with TPMS sensors. Looking to get $600 for the set. I am located in Denver...
  7. Chocolate

    Tempered Glass Navigation/Audio Screen Protector

    The cost to replace the resistive touchscreen display is in the 3,000-4,000 dollar range, https://www.lexuspartsnow.com/parts-...tml?PNC=86804A (part 86110-60190) so I was looking for a tempered glass protector. These are great, they really work to protect screens from impact damage, and...
  8. F

    ‘11 or ‘13 LX570?

    Hello All - I’m in search for a used LX570 and could use some guidance. I would like a 2013 but would also be fine with a 2011 if the price was there. I’m looking to stay under $40k What are the main things you would look for or stay away from? I’m located in MN and I’ve seen a bunch in IL &...
  9. tbisaacs

    Builds Travis’s PNW LX570

    Hi everyone! I picked up an '08 LX a few months ago and started poking around here but haven't started a thread yet. I came from a 2004 Suburban (build) that I used to drag kids, wife, and dog all over WA: Aside from a full set of Weathertechs, My LX is totally stock. It appears to have...
  10. SWUtah

    How many miles do you normally get out of a set of Dunlop tires that come on the LX 570

    Just want to know so I can know how long I have to have these Dunlops before I can get some good tires
  11. Tim Foil

    200 and LX 570 Roof Rack Photos or Options

    Hello All, I was a full time lurker and casual poster many years ago on the 100 forum. A few years ago I added a Lexus 570 to the garage. I am now looking to add a roof rack to my truck. I was thinking about the GOBI Stealth Rack with lights. The problems is that the vain side of me does...
  12. N

    My new to me LX 570 and a few questions.

    Hi I'm new to this forum. I own a lexus isf and have been a member of the clublexus forum for a few years. About a month ago I purchased a CPO 2013 lexus lx 570 with 32k miles and I'm wondering whether a few things are normal or not. - I feel a slight but noticeable vibration at full lock of...
  13. Q

    Warming up to a LX 570 ...few questons

    Hey Folks, After having owned my '99 X 470 since 2003, I have finally decided to look for a low mileage 570. Besides my own research, can you all help me point in the right direction as to what model is the best to have? Currently I am looking at 2013/14 and would prefer LX over LC. Won't mind...
  14. AL LC2013

    Wanted LX 570 wheels (4)

    Looking for 4 LX570 20 inch wheels in silver with the mesh pattern. Please let me know if you have a set for sale. Not looking for replicas or chromed. Thanks
  15. R

    Looking at 200s

    Hi all, Looking for some advice/guidance from the collective wisdom here. I've been reading threads and searching CarMax, Cars.com, CarGurus and AutoTrader for relatively low mileage 2013 or newer - love the black exterior with sandstone interior but there just doesn't seem to be enough supply...
  16. T

    LX 570 AHC Load Capacity Enhancement

    A thread on the 100s forum got me thinking/reading about this again..that and my sudden fixation on gear weight as I load for an Overland Expo road trip. We know that the LC lends itself to upgrading the suspension to increase carrying capacity beyond 1200-1300lbs or so vs the LX use or replace...
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