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  1. T

    1990 80 series GXL re-build>low range problem

    I'm looking for any useful input. My 1990 GXL has since first purchase 20 years ago been given to jumping out of low range not always in convenient moments. Transfer case has been in and out a number of times and recently, as part of the re-build, the TC was reconditioned along with a customised...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Transfer Case wiring loom for 93-97 and T case for rebuild

    SoCal 1. Wiring loom is in good shape from a working transfer case. $68.40 includes shipping.. All connectors are good. 2. Transfer case with a growl in it. Complete unit. Great to rebuild with low range changed, underdrive to lower final ratio, or for part time conversion. $125 no shipping...
  3. Bardiya

    Blowing GAUGE Fuse when engaging L4

    I noticed that all my gauges were dead after pulling another car out of the sand in low range. (Part-time 4WD model) After checking the interior fuse box I found that the gauge fuse was blown, Replacing the fuse fixed the gauges but Engaging L4 will cause it to blow again. I don't know where to...
  4. silverhorse


    I'm about to tear into my case to part time it. I thought good opportunity to re-gear the t-case.. So I'm gauging interest to see if maybe a mass buy is possible for the Marlins gears. I would prefer the Marlin gears since they are made in Japan. Not knocking those of you who have the Trail Gear...

    80 Series 3:1 low range gears

    The super charged 80 can go fast and stop well. Now it's back to go slower.
  6. cruiseroutfit

    YWST: Low Range T-Case Gear Sets for the 1980-2007 Cruisers

    Yeah, we stock that! Land Cruiser Transfer Case Low Range Gear Sets Sumo Gear sets are made to OE specifications in Japan. These popular gear sets offer transfer case gear reduction with the highest quality components on the market. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to...
  7. bubfuji

    For Sale  Marks4WD splitcase gear set 1.00/2.81

    I have the Marks4WD split case/tcase gear set. New in the box, never installed. Asking $800.00 OBO + any shipping charges. Local pickup may be available depending on where you live. This gear set is for the 38mm idler shaft. From the Marks4WD website: Toyota LandCruiser Low Range Gear Sets -...
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