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  1. H

    Wanted  2006-2007 Can Only Spend 10-13k Willing To Travel

    Hey Everyone, I am looking to purchase my first 100 series. I am looking to buy one as soon as possible and willing to travel anywhere in the continental US to get it! Looking for one with under 200k miles, as rust free as can be, with everything in working condition. Night vision is a plus*. I...
  2. ROBLE


    Hello there, I am looking for the shock wire that turns the engine off, part number and dealer if is possible bj40 12v 1981, I got one from a fj40 but is smaller and then is stock all the time, so now I have to open my hood and move back the air admission manually in order to start the...
  3. B

    Newbie Looking For "Driver" FJ40

    Hi Folks, I'm new to the forum, which I joined recently as I plan to buy an "driver"-level FJ40 for a bit of classic offroading fun. I've offroaded in more modern vehicles in the past and present (1990 Isuzu Trooper and 2005 Nissan Frontier), but would like to try something more classic - the...
  4. Splangy

    Wanted  Looking For 5 16" Steelies. Splitrims or Otherwise.

    Looking for five 16" OEM Steelies, with or without hubcap clips. Splitrims or otherwise OK. Thnaks.
  5. M

    First Time Buyer Looking For Advice - 15k Budget

    Hi, I posted to the 200-series forum last night and they recommended I post here as well. I'm in the market for my first Land Cruiser (or LX470) with a 15k budget. I'm finding vehicles from the early 2000's with 150k-200k and some earlier models from the 90s with fewer miles (in some cases)...
  6. Judh8smud

    FJ40 - What Kind of Side Mirrors Are These? Aftermarket?

    Hey y'all, quick Q for ya! Do any of you happen to know what kind of mirrors these are and where I can purchase a replacement? I have the driver's side mirror but not the passenger side. I haven't done too much digging yet but when I was doing some shopping online I didn't come across any...
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