1. DCIfICare

    Wanted fj62 lift gate lock

    I bought a 89 fj62 with a liftgate lock destroyed by thief. The button functions, but the lock had been ripped out. Thanks!
  2. F

    For Sale FJ100 upper lift gate assembly (White)

    Upper liftgate assembly from an FJ100 Includes tinted glass, defroster, handle, and motors. One small ding, and very light repairable rust. Make an offer. Was thinking $250 plus whatever it takes to get it there. Located in Western Colorado
  3. CarlSeattle

    Liftgate Eye Gouge Risk - Am I the Only Person to Notice?

    My 1994 FJZ80's rear liftgate is right at eye level for myself and my wife. Yes, we are tall folks. Anyone else ever make/find/buy some sort of rubber protector for the edges? Or am I being a bit too paranoid...
  4. D

    Wanted Early UZJ100 liftgate (navy blue)

    looking for a rust free 98-2000 liftgate in navy blue. include shipping to Buffalo NY 14222
  5. liko

    For Sale 71 fj40 liftgate hardware in hawaii_Sold!

    1971 fj40 on big island hardware from liftgate handle is broken, lock cylinder included (no key) still has rustproof coating but some parts have surface rust 40 $ plus shipping usps priority flat rate +/- 20$
  6. M

    Wanted Upper tailgate LX450 (liftgate)

    Looking for a rust free upper tailgate for a LX450. A black one with glass and hardware would be great but will take what I can get. Thanks. Rodney
  7. G

    Landscape Trailer w/ Liftgate

    Hello All, I joined this forum because I am baffled. I have been searching for months on the internet to find information about installing a liftgate (like a Tommygate) onto a landscpe trailer; like a 14' landscape trailer. I cannot find ANY information about this subject. I can't find any...
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