1. MScruiser

    Vendor  80 Series Late Model Leather Steering Wheel Kits in Tan or Grey

    I am selling leather steering wheel kits to recover your old, discolored, and worn out leather. These kits ARE NOT simply wraps that cover up the old leather; they completely replace the old. They are made here in Mississippi, from Italian leather. The leather is smooth, and supple. The kits...
  2. M

    1967 FJ40 Front Brake Shoe Cylinder Rebuild

    Not sure if I'm posting this question in the right area even though I read the manual. Bare with me. I'm rebuilding my front brake shoe cylinders on a 1967 fj40. The pic below shows two cups: 1) fluted plastic, and 2) 1x5/16" rubber cup. I've purchased many of the rebuild kits on the web, but...
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