1. scottryana

    Need some help, tracking down Japanese rear visor brackets

    Hey guys just like the subject says I need some help tracking down the brackets for the Japanese rear visor. I thought I was going to be able to be a little tricky and use 3m body adhesive tape but at the very least you need the lower brackets. I bought the visor from a mud member quite a...
  2. HemiAlex

    City Racer 2F Japanese Distributor

    OEM 2F 3F Distributor for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 FJ62 70 Series FZJ80 I'm considering buying this. I've got a stubborn distributor that has a stuck o ring. I can't advance my distributor at the moment and I really need to add some advance due to the new carb. Seems like it needs a few changes...
  3. burbuja96

    TZK Japanese parts?

    Howdy, Just wondering if anyone has come across/ purchased TZK parts? I recently found a pair of birfs with Toyota PN 43405-60120 for a good price and it says "TZK Japan". Thanks in advance.
  4. onewhippedpuppy

    Feedback Request: Japanese Importers Into USA

    I'm considering importing a 70 series and perhaps eventually an R32 GT-R under the 25 year import exemption. Can anyone provide me with feedback on Japanese market importers to the USA? Good/bad, it all helps. Thanks!
  5. Deo Singh

    For Sale  Body Kit for FZJ80/80-series Landcruiser (Valencia, CA)

    Japanese Body Kit for FZJ80 80-Series Landcruiser. Includes front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts. Made of fiberglass. Hardware and brackets included. Great fit. Reason for Sale: Transformed my 1993 Landcruiser from street to off-road vehicle Condition: Fair-Good. Painted to match OEM...
  6. Let the repairs begin...

    Let the repairs begin...

  7. Getting towed in from storage

    Getting towed in from storage

  8. Getting towed to house from storage

    Getting towed to house from storage

  9. F

    General Question about HJ61 (Japanese Import)

    Hello Everyone, I am new to ih8mud forum, but I thought there is no better place to pose this question. I am considering purchasing a 1987 HJ61 Automatic Turbo Diesel with 130K miles that was imported from Japan, but has not yet been registered in the states. The truck looks to be in great...
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