1. William839

    p401 EGR issues

    Hey guys , I know there’s tons of threads out there related to these issues , and I’ve read about every single one of them trying to figure this out. On my 97 fzj80 I have the p401 that I can’t get rid of. I have tested the egr modulator, tested the egr valve , did the VSV mod using the dorman...
  2. Wildnlost

    1HDT Head Gasket Issues

    I noticed recently that my Land Cruiser with 1HDT was pushing a bit of coolant into the Overflow. I remove the head and did an inspection. I found cylinders 4 5 and 6 we're leaking on the right hand side of the Block near the back into the water jacket. I checked the cylinder head for...
  3. fj62max

    Head unit issues!!! No sound!! Help

    I installed a new head unit. Worked perfect for a month then all of sudden i get no sound at all. I returned the head unit and installed the new one and the same thing. I bypassed the factory amp. When i remove the rear speaker harness only the front speakers work.
  4. skyline223

    '92 A/C issues

    My '92 LC's A/C was running great the last year or so, now it has become intermittent. It would run strong for a bit and then cut out. When it would cut out, the idle would drop, and the idle would rise back respectively as the AC came back. It is now to the point where it will not turn on at...
  5. brhydock

    Parking/E-brake issues

    Hi, new FJ-60 owner and ultra newbie diy mechanic. Having some issues with my e-brake, basically when I pull the lever, nothing happens. Tried to do some research online for this issue but have so far been unsuccessful and I need this thing to pass inspection. Has anyone had this issue before...
  6. L

    srs airbag issues

    New to the site just bought a 2008 lx570 with 130k miles. Took a chance on it since I had a really hard time finding one near me that was in my price range and not brought from out of the area. It is in really nice shape and drives amazing, but already having an issue with the airbags. I...
  7. F

    Help Can't get Techstream to function

    Another member bought his cable here and got it to work: New Mini VCI J2534 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Code Reader for Lexus Toyota Techstream | eBay I've got a 2003 LX470 so after reading that seller's info(mine is older than the other members) bought the other cable with K-line support(whatever...
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