1. SteveH

    AFI TBI loose screw - caution!

    Check the screws in your TBI setup! I took apart my air cleaner and adapter yesterday, and a screw from my AFI TBI setup ominously fell on the ground. It had fully backed out and was lying next to the TBI setup, waiting (presumably) to fall into the intake throat and fry the engine. I...
  2. Stevo1981

    3B Injection pump missing o ring? and very oily diaphram

    Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has run into this problem... I had a bad oil leak coming from in between my injection pump and the back of my front cover. Upon removing the engine and then injection pump I found there to be no o ring in between there whatsoever, when the manual clearly shows...
  3. MauricioR

    Rough idling and white smoke 1HD-T

    Hi guys, I just ended rebuilding my 1HD-T and everything was timed correctly but it has a rough idling and smokes white badly. I tried moving the pump some degrees to the passenger side (my car is LHD) and some degrees to the driver side and same thing... Something very important to add is that...
  4. fjfjfj


    Hello you guys, I have a leaking seal below Throttle Linkage on this injection pump pictured where my finger is pointed. The pump is on my 3B. If we pull the injection pump to replace the seal then is it hard to re-time the pump when we put it back in? Somebody mentioned a Key Way and that it...
  5. P

    Fuel injection

    my engine guy is pushing for a Holley EFI system, anybody have any feedback
  6. Nado FJ

    Wanted Air Injection Manifold

    Mine busted when taking off the head. Looking for one that will work on 10/76 build FJ40. See pics of the one that broke. Thanks! Paul
  7. L

    Injection Issues

    Hi, Last week I've done some maintenance to my 1HDT, timing belt, water pump and fuel filter. And noticed the Tik tik coming from the ACSD, as some described in other forum it means it's failing, so I'm thinking about removing it. But something also started happening that I don't know the...
  8. sue

    What is Air Injection state at idle

    Does anyone here know what the state of the air injection system should be at idle? Should VSV(1) and VSV(2) both be open at idle? I have the 2F emissions manual but it doesn't seem super clear to me. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. D

    DEV - Injection Pump Tuning Guide

    This thread is not intended to replace the Official tuning thread but rather I would like some feedback on my understanding and procedure before I post in there. A little bit of background info. I have an 80 series 1HD-FT with the A442F Automatic transmission with 333,333 klms on the clock. I...
  10. tat2matt

    For Sale TBI from affordable fuel injection

    I pulled the TBI from my 85 FJ60. It worked great till it didn't. I ordered a Carb from Jim C and in the time he was working on it I was able to send the ECM to have rebuilt. As all things would be I received the Carb from Jim a Carb from Troll and the ECM all back at the same time. I now run a...
  11. J

    Wanted Wtb hdj 100 injection pump

    Having a low power problem with my hdj100 auto. The car has done 420 000klm running fine but low on power. I'm thinking the pump needs rebuilding along with injectors. Could I find a low klms fuel pump instead?
  12. M

    For Sale Howell Fuel Injection Kit GM 350

    Includes 36'' harness, Oxygen sensor with weld on bung, Howell programmed ECM, Fuel pump, Fuel filter, 4 barrel adaptor plate, Misc, other small parts, Service manual, Used TBI from a truck I drove a week ago. Everything is brand new other than the TBI. $700.00 General Motors :: GM TBI...
  13. BFletch

    SOLD 2F Air Injection Rail

    Clean air rail off 03/76 2F. In very good condition and just removed with ease. $80 plus shipping - Sold Located at 57703 Thanks
  14. Dprio34

    Injection Pump question (2L-T2 mechanical)

    I am swapping out a 2L-T for a 2L-T2. The 2L-T2 has additional "cannon" plugs for the Injection Pump that the 2L-T did not have. My question is if anyone knows, there is a blueish anodized electrical input at the top of the Injection Pump on the 2L-T2. Will the engine run without any electric...
  15. elliott10 fuel injection

    i was just cruising my usual eBay fj40 searches and just saw this. TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 2F 6Cylinder Complete TBI Fuel Injection Conversion | eBay Anyone know anything about the system or company? It seems like a really simple setup. Thanks in advance
  16. simonliew

    1HDt injection pump not separating from drive gear,even with puller...

    hi,i am trying to remove the injection pump from a hdj81,everything is loose,have a puller on the front of the shaft,i have tried hammering on the puller shaft,the drive gear is not coming off. any body have experience this? i even tried heating the gear a little after i remove the o ring on the...
  17. splitbuseric

    Wanted Needed ASAP - 1HDT Timer cover on side of injection pump

    HI I need the lower left timer cover from a 1 HDT (or 1HZ too maybe?) injection pump. Anybody have a junk parts pump or a source for pump parts? Need to get the truck back on the road asap and my cover is cracked.
  18. D

    12H-T Injection Pump cleaning

    Guys, I got this spare 12HT injection pump from a local yard which parted out a whole engine. Though they stored the parts inside some dirt and gunk made its way to injection ports and the fuel feed pump opening which was removed already. Do you guys know how I can clean these areas easily...
  19. gswest

    Air in the diesel fuel injection system causing a leak?

    I just had to replace a seal in one of my twin fuel filters and afterwords I'm seeing fuel leak out one of the injectors. I'm wondering if me not bleeding the first injector is causing the leak. Anyone have this problem before. I know air in the system is bad, but I bled the system at the fuel...
  20. A

    small Parts Help

    I purchased a 93 FZJ80 with 210,000 miles on it. It is in great shape. I've been running it for a few months and the plastic top of the radiator exploded. I am collecting parts to fix it now. I figure since I don't know what has been changed or fixed on it I might as well do some extras while...
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