3B Injection pump missing o ring? and very oily diaphram (1 Viewer)

Jan 11, 2018
West Kelowna BC
Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has run into this problem... I had a bad oil leak coming from in between my injection pump and the back of my front cover. Upon removing the engine and then injection pump I found there to be no o ring in between there whatsoever, when the manual clearly shows one there! see pictures below.

also when I removed my diaphragm cover a lot of black dirty oil poured out, I had previously removed the drain plug a few weeks early so I did not expect that. is there a bad seal in the governor that needs replacing? truck has 530000 km on it and I know none of the history.

Photo 2018-01-14, 8 47 54 AM.jpg

Photo 2018-01-14, 8 48 07 AM.jpg

Photo 2018-01-14, 8 47 41 AM.jpg
Dec 5, 2006
Vancouver BC
I might be that someone... and this might be the thread...

Real time help with 2h Governor diapragm!

I'm not sure exactly where your O ring is missing, could that cause the oil buildup? It seems some trucks have this oil buildup on the wrong side of the diaphragm and most don't.

Still trying to figure out why it happens, but it fills so slowly, that its not been a huge priority to figure out. I 'lll just drain it every 2 or 3 years.

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