1. H


    Hey Mud h8ers i have an 87 hj75 troopy with a solid 2h I’m looking to sell and wondering about importing overseas. located in Australia could anybody point me in the right direction Cheers
  2. Skookcruiser

    Import costs for skid plates

    Hello fellow Cruisers, My name is Al and I've been a bit of a lurker on this site for a while but recently my dad and I started building our 2005 100 series. We found all of our parts and information very easily (especially with the help of all the forum discussions) but recently have hit a...
  3. MrsCait

    SOLD  Euro Import 1988 LJ70 2.4L Turbo Diesel in CA (open to offers) NEW VIDEOS

    VIDEOS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST 1988 Turbo DIESEL 2.4L engine Originally from Italy but driven daily in Spain. Have Spanish registration cards. Currently located in Southern CA, legally registered in South Dakota until January 2021. LJ70LV-MNXW Series LH drive 297xxx km (178k miles) Rebuilt...
  4. PAToyota

    Importing LC79 & LC200 bodies - Land Cruiser Heaven, Hagerstown, MD

    I talked with Frank Diaz of Land Cruiser Heaven this morning. He had posted on Instagram that he was working out details to import a bunch of LC79 and LC200 bodies from the Middle East. From our discussion, these are brand new vehicles that are being bought for the running chassis for armored...
  5. L

    New member with J70 questions

    Hello, I’m new so I’d like to preface this by saying that if this is better suited for the import forum just let me know! I’m looking at a LJ70 that I found near me, it’s already registered in my state and a reasonable price which are two big pluses for me. The biggest single hang up is that...
  6. B

    Hilux Import Question - VIN Help

    New to the forum. Currently stationed in Germany and looking to bring a Hilux with the 2.4D back stateside once I PCS (truck is a doublecab — is it going to be completely underpowered?). I have found a truck I would like to potentially bring back but it is an ex-military truck (was in service...
  7. CIR

    BaT  No Reserve BaT Auction—1993 Land Rover Discovery w/50k kms in Canary Islands Spain

    Howdy, Mudders. HERE is a link to a live auction on No Reserve!! Ends May 29, 2019. 1993 Land Rover Discovery: First Generation 50k kms documented 200Tdi motor 5 speed LT77S manual transmission 5 doors, 5 seats Aspen Silver factory paint Sonar Blue interior Alpine windows...
  8. G

    Import process from England to USA

    I have been documenting my import process for a friend and though i would post it here incase anyone found some useful tidbits. A lot of stuff particular to importing from GBP to JAX, USA on hoegh autoliners, but i wanted to document it all before i forgot it. Probably lots of typos and i had...
  9. cannedcruiser

    Best source for buying pre 2004 HZJ78 or 79 worldwide

    So, I'm searching worldwide for the right 1HZ Troopy (or possibly a cab and chassis that I can build a camper for) to import into Canada. It must be 15 years old to import into Canada, so currently that would mean a manufacture date of 01/04. I would prefer it already had a pop-up roof because...
  10. sunrk

    What should be checked on an import 1hdt or 1hdft from Japan ?

    Import 1hdt and 1hdft motors are very common here in Australia to update from 1hz's. They come from Japan after the vehicles there are deemed unroadworthy after some specified time period or number of km's due to emissions rules. Current prices are about A$8k for an import 1hdt and A$11k for an...
  11. T

    Texas Registration issues

    Hey guys in a bit of a pickle here. I'm having issues registering my 1993 HZJ73 in Texas. First question, does anyone know where I can get my export certificate translated and notarized? I have the translation but its not official. Second question: The tax and revenue office says that I need...
  12. V

    Maybe(probably) stupid question 93 FJ70

    Hola y’all, quick question. Am I going to have a problem importing a 1993 FJ 70? Does month of manufacture matter? And if so how can I find that information? I don’t think that is included in VIN or title. Thanks amigos.
  13. SIPAEZ

    Getting an FJ 43 from Colombia

    Hey guys! I'm interested to know any experiences in bringing an FJ 43 from Colombia. The car has been in my family for a while but I now live in California and I would love to bring it here. I would probably get it in good shape before bring it here. Disc Brakes, new soft top and power steering...
  14. D

    Registering an Aussie import troopy in Florida - HELP!

    Hey fellow mudders, I bought an import from AUSTOUSA about three years ago. I have all the correct paperwork which they gave me. I never registered the vehicle because I was fixing it up. Now some friends that I sold it to are trying to get it registered at the Florida DMV but the DMV is being...
  15. thecariackid

    Great guide for what to expect exporting and importing cars RORO or container

    I found this today and wish I'd seen it sooner. Good info for anyone considering importing, even if you use someone else. Moving 2 FJ40s from Cartegena to Galveston, TX next month (hopefully). Once we get a coupe more export related docs and the booking done, I'll post about the journey...
  16. jatree

    HDJ81 Owners

    How is it holding up? It's 2018 now so I expect to start seeing 1993 models rolling into the states. For those of you who imported from Japan, Canada, or elsewhere - have you run into any big issues with repairs or finding parts? Most of the threads from owners a couple years ago seemed to...
  17. J

    Anyone Imported to Guam Before?

    Full disclaimer: New to the forum and will be new to the Land Cruiser life if I can pull this off. I apologize if this question has been asked before but I didn't find anything in my research so I'm hoping I can still get some information. It looks as if I might be moving to Guam next spring...
  18. Seth_O

    Where can I get a dual tank filler neck?

    Ive had 3 deals fall apart, and no love (response) from the only importer I know of: @Akella Anyone have any leads (new or used) or can help with a PN as I search the interwebs?
  19. SNLC

    364 day import permit?

    I am sure many people here have heard about this. It is what international travelers use when they are driving around the world and come into the USA. I searched and am not finding any info on this topic. I am after details, I am going to assume it is similar to what I have to do when I...
  20. S

    Best Country to find and Import FJ40 from?

    I'm a long time Yota guy. Lots of pickups and early 4Runners over the years. I'm nearing 50 and finally looking for a clean FJ40 for a restoration project. Must run and drive along the way - I am looking for something without major rust issues requiring repairs. I am also embarking on a 10...
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