idler pulley

  1. Karl Andersson

    1FZ alternator belt on wrong side of pulley

    Hello, I recently had my belts changed in a pinch and noticed the shop (that I will not be going back to) ran the belts on the wrong side of the idler pulley below the alternator. Based on all the diagrams I have seen, the belt should go outside the pulley and not inside. Can I just re-run the...
  2. DesertCruiser80

    A/C Idler Pulley Sanity Check

    Hey guys, hope you can help me out. I wanted to be sure I have a proper understanding before I go crazy. (1992 FJ80) I recently had my intermediate coolant hose burst and spray the entire passenger front side of the engine bay. (Hose is under the water pump I believe.) After repairing it, I...
  3. H

    Air Conditioner Idler Pulley and parts

    Does anybody have, or know where i can find, a parts picture for the Air Conditioner idler pulley that shows all the parts needed for the V-Belt adjuster. I looked in the Haynes manual (worthless) and on the web and no joy for a parts picture showing the bolt and all the adjuster parts. It's a...
  4. SuperDuperCruizer

    3B Power Steering Idler Pulley Brackets

    Can someone tell me why there was a design change? I didn't realize there was a change till I dug out the two that I have and sat them side by side. I have a 3B compressor bracket & AC Idler pulley; I don't want to sell the the wrong power steering idler if the design change occurred to...
  5. dpcustoms

    Wanted  FJ60 smog pump idler pulley

    Hello, I'm about to swap my smog pump for an idler pulley + mounting bracket. If you have one for sale, let me know! ( I have a fab shop and might make one myself but I would rather save my time and just buy one that's ready to go). Justin
  6. dirtyboots

    1hdt timing belt idler pulley diagram / pic request

    After mucho searching I have to post up for some help from the experts..does anyone have a pic / diagram of an assembled t belt idler pulley? The below pics describe the questions I have regarding the part..and yes, I took stuff apart and 6 months later tried to put it back together:hillbilly...
  7. Wuxxler

    1991 3FE Idler Pulley question

    I just finished replacing the power steering pump. What a pain in the butt. In case anyone cares, you have to remove the PS pulley before you remove the pump, there's simply no way around it. Anyway, I got it replaced and put everything back together, threaded the belt back on, and started it...
  8. Lou the fj60

    Wanted  2f Smog Idler pulley

    hey guys i'm looking for an idler pulley to to replace my smog pump but dont have the funds to get the one from jimC at the moment. I need to get back on the road. I'm currently in Arlington, WA
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