1. bwalker16527

    For Sale  '74 hood hinges and latches, hooks

    '74 FJ40 hood latches and latches/hooks. $20 for the hinges and $20 for the latches plus shipping.
  2. 4WD Swagman

    Pintle hook mounted directly to Shorty Forty rear bumper?

    I have a Hayman-Reese (2") tow bar and it is fitted to the BJ40 by bolting onto the chassis and uses the four factory trailer hitch holes in the rear bumper. See pic below. I want to retain the Hayman Reese towbar for use with normal tow ball hitches, but I want to be able to mount a pintle...
  3. N

    All lights dim considerably with trailer hook up

    Guys, I have just installed a new trailer light converter from hopkins after my original s*** the bed. Install when smooth. However I noticed while testing functionality at night that my whole rig dims some when the I plug in my boat trailer. This would represent a normal night driving...
  4. IrishCRZR

    Wanted  FJ60 front tow hook

    Bumper No Hook by IrishCRZR posted Feb 2, 2016 at 9:43 AMHi - seeking an extra/parted front tow hook. Its $35 shipped from SOR, was hoping someone would ship to 60613 for $20 - wear and tear appreciated. New bumper feels naked without it:
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