1. alohamade

    For Sale  PRICE CHANGE: OEM Toyota Land Cruiser Right & Left Door Hinge Set FJ40

    Hinge Set- $50 shipped Missing 2 pins Let me know if you have any questions
  2. kanacki00

    Wanted  FJ45LV project, chasing down exterior body parts and interior lighting

    It's taken me 15 years to bust this old girl from storage, but she's free and the restoration is underway. In theory, by the end of this week she'll be 100% mechanically sound and ready for the next phase. I know that I am chasing unicorn hair on this post, but I thought I'd ask. Parts I am...
  3. AlexMoore91

    Wanted  1974 FJ40 Windshield Hinges

    Would like a set of windshield hinges for 1974 FJ40 that move freely. Mine are rusted to where they don't move anymore. Please send me a pic and price. Thanks! Alex
  4. AlexMoore91

    For Sale  Toyota FJ40 Parts & Tub

    (2) Front Doors: $350/pair (includes new inner panel, needs some work on rusty bottoms, includes key that works with lock, windows work) (5) Door hinges: **SOLD** (2) Barn Doors: **SOLD** (2) OEM Wheels (Never used): **SOLD** (2) Rusty Fenders: $100/pair (1) Ambulance Door (Rusty bottom): $100...
  5. Volcanic Iceberg

    Wanted  Lower ambulance door hinges

    Looking for a set of lower ambulance door hinges 1975-later. Thanks!
  6. V

    Hood and windshield hinges

    Working on a 67' fj40 and I am wondering how one takes the hood off and windshield off successfully without causing any damage. I took the hood off by banging the pins out but it seemed a little difficult. Would it be easier to just unscrew the hinges from the vehicle itself? Just trying to get...
  7. oregon fj

    SOLD  FJ40 FST Door Hinges, partial set (Oregon)

    As pictured. All 4 door side hinges, only 1 body side (passenger side). Descent shape. Full sets seem to be expensive, but this ain’t a full set. Asking $60 shipped in US. Outside US contact me for a quote.
  8. HardCase

    Driver Side Door hinge is loose

    1979 FJ40 drivers door upper hinge has play in it. There is a slot the hinge goes in and it then bolts to a plate under the dash. It is above the fuses and hard to get to. It seems the plate has partially broke loose where it is welded and this lets the door sag. It looks to be extremely...
  9. jvincig01

    Making FST door hinges

    I am considering making myself some FST door hinges. I can find FST door side hinges but thinking about cutting some regular body sides so they look and work like stock FST. Can someone tell me approx what angle this is? :D
  10. Kaasdief


    Hi Folks, I noticed that the rear door (upper glass half) on our truck is skew. One side seems to have dropped. Looked at the hinges, but all is tight on the bolts. The mounting of the hinges disappear into the roof lining. I would really to start loosening that lot. Might the hinge have bend...
  11. Dedtruk

    For Sale  '79 FJ40 hood, hooks, hinges in southern NJ, USA

    HOOD OFF MARKET. This is a'79 hood in GC with surface rust. Text is best 215 850 6331 or call. Thanks.
  12. Indygbd

    Wanted  FST Door Hinges

    I am looking for a set of fst model door hinges for my 1972 project. I have the tub side. I need an extra set of the door sides. I am planning on restoring a set of both hard and dst doors and do not want to change hinges. let me know if you have a set of 4 or just 1 laying around.
  13. billstoudt

    Wanted  WTB Hood Hinges for my 75

    hood flew up and bent my hinges beyond what can be easily fixed.
  14. M

    For Sale  72 FJ40 Hood Hinges

    Up for sale is a good solid set of hood hinges from a 72 FJ40. $30 shipped I wire wheeled them some but the could use a good blasting and paint of your choice.
  15. M

    For Sale  72 FJ40 Windshield Hinges

    I have for sale is a set of windshield hinges from a 72 fj40. I have wire wheeled them and they show some pitting but they are solid. $65 shipped.
  16. Y

    For Sale  FJ40 hood hinges

    Hood hinges in excellent shape. Original hardware off 1980 FJ40. $70 plus shipping
  17. Y

    For Sale  Lower fst rear hinges FJ40

    I have four hinges and hardware for the lower part of the rear doors off a late model soft top FJ40. These are in great condition. $65 plus shipping
  18. iptman

    Wanted  Door side hinges

    Looking for a set of door side hinges for hard half doors for my 77.
  19. jvincig01

    Measurement need on door hinges

    i have a 67 with early style hinges. I need to pick up another set that attach to the door side. Can anyone tell me on a post 1974 what this measurement is on your hinges? Thanks!
  20. peterkcc

    For Sale  FJ40 ambulance door hinges $125

    Set of ambulance door hinges off of a 1978 FJ40. They have been sandblasted and primed with self etching primer. They aren't perfect but they are very nice. $125 plus shipping.
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