1. J

    2L-T Diesel Pump allignment

    Hey guys A Friend of mine has a 1996 2.4 l Diesel Toyota Hilux (2L-T Engine) and asked me for advice / help. I am very familiar with 1HD, 1HZ, 1KD and 1KZ engine, but these engine don't have the diesel pump driven from the timing belt, so i hope to find some help here. We had to change the...
  2. AirheadNut

    SOLD  NW MT: 1990 Hilux Double Cab, LN106

    1990 LN106 Hilux with 115,545km or 71,869mi on the clock. This truck was imported from Canada last year and is legally registered in Montana with a clean title in my name. Some quick specs: - 3L 2.8 liter NA diesel - 5-speed manual - Solid front axle - Double cab Recent maintenance (within the...
  3. B

    Hilux Import Question - VIN Help

    New to the forum. Currently stationed in Germany and looking to bring a Hilux with the 2.4D back stateside once I PCS (truck is a doublecab — is it going to be completely underpowered?). I have found a truck I would like to potentially bring back but it is an ex-military truck (was in service...
  4. Chachi254

    SOLD  1983 Toyota Pickup Long Bed SR5 - 63k orig. miles, incredible interior.

    Hey Mudders, Found out my wife is pregnant and unfortunately am having to part with my beloved '83 pickup. See all the details here: Builds - "JAWS" - My new 1983 Toyota Pickup 4x4 Currently has 63,500k original miles on it. Make an offer. Open to trades for land cruisers. Please text or...
  5. Chachi254

    Wanted  Removed

    ***Previous prospective buyer fell through, so it’s back up for sale*** Hey Mudders, Found out my wife is pregnant and unfortunately am having to part with my beloved '83 pickup. See all the details here: Builds - "JAWS" - My new 1983 Toyota Pickup 4x4 Currently has 63,500k original miles on...
  6. CazzaW

    Little Red 81 Hilux in Oz

    G'day Guys and Gals. Casper here in Australia. I thought I'd share with you my latest project. I picked this little gem up 2yrs ago for a mate. He was going to use it as a farm hack but never ended up touching it. It sat for 2 years and 4 months under a tree. I picked it up last week from...
  7. B

    Value my 1992 Toyota Pickup

    Alright guys first post but needing some help. Sadly I have to sell my truck but not sure what I should price it at. Don’t see many of these in Texas that aren’t destroyed. Some details: 1992 Daily Driver 5 speed manual 22re less than a year of use New clutch, throw out bearing Tires about 6...
  8. Spencer Lerman

    ISO 2LTE EGR Delete Plates

    In search of dimensions or someone willing to sell plates to block off 2LTE EGR. Thanks let me know whats out there. Post pics of your rigs deleted egr if you have some. Thank you.
  9. Ol Yeller

    Dakar 2019

    Anyone following this year? I have the PVR set but other than the RDZ page haven’t read much.
  10. Chachi254

    Need Advice! Thoughts on putting a 1980 tailgate on 1983?

    Hey mudders, I have a 1983 Toyota Pickup long bed that was once a truck-bed trailer hauler, so the tailgate sat in the snow of Alaska for 20 years and rusted away. I found a guy in town that sold me a 1980 handle-latch tailgate but I'm unsure if I want to put it on the 1983 since it's not of...
  11. Shifty00


    Hi! It’s time for my 200k service. I will read up as this is my second 2L but my first TE. I am really unsure how compatible any of my ‘84 2L parts will be on the ‘90 2Lte, fuel pump appears to be the same. I’m making a parts list, a timing belt water pump kit will be on there, a fuel system...
  12. Chachi254

    Looking for replacement truck bed sides for 1983 Toyota Pickup Long Box

    Hey Mudders, I bought a 1983 Toyota Pickup long box this last summer, and while the bed is in pretty good shape, it's starting to rust and I want to get it fixed/replaced. I've been looking online and there are a few aftermarket bed sides around, but none of which are long-bed length. Does...
  13. Chachi254

    Wanted  1983 Toyota Hilux Pickup Body Parts

    Hi Mudders, I recently purchased a 1983 Toyota Hilux from a guy in Oklahoma. The body is actually in really good shape but there is some rust starting on the bedsides and I really want to just replace the bed completely. I'm also looking for any 1983 body or interior parts. Truck bed sides...
  14. Big028

    1994 Pickup LN109 from Malta - New Member

    Hi Guys, Tiny Malta here (small rock in the centre of the Med) and I'm Mark ,I have just registered. I started offloading some seven years ago after I set my eyes on a Hilux Ln109 (IMAGE 1) with some mods that I got in part ex with a new hilux since i was working at a Toyota Automotive...
  15. Workhorse

    For Sale  1995-2002 Hilux/Prado Air Filters-Price update!

    I have qty. 2 1995-2002 Hilux or Prado (1KZ-TE) air filters for sale. Brand new, never used. I am selling these due to no longer having a vehicle they fit. I am not sure of other models these might fit, so do your research if you think they might. These are available for about $40/each without...
  16. CaptainAussum

    Delete Power Steering Pump on 1KZ-TE?

    Hello everyone quick question, has anyone done or heard of deleting the power steering pump on the 1KZ-TE engine? I have a ‘94 engine living in a FJ40 that will be getting electric power steering so no need for the pump. Im just unsure of gear driven pumps and what effect the lack of one may...
  17. A

    For Sale  1989 Toyota Hilux SSR quadcab 3L diesel

    Selling my Hilux LN106, some of you may remember it from earlier this year on the classifieds. I have gone through the mechanical bits of the truck and it’s ready for another 100K+ miles…I’m unloading it so soon because I work on a military base and going through the entry gate is VERY...
  18. Chachi254

    Builds  "JAWS" - My new 1983 Toyota Pickup 4x4

    Hey Mudders! Just picked up "JAWS", the Great White 1983 Toyota Pickup, and I couldn't be happier! It was custom ordered in Alaska by the original owner as a Truck-bed Camper Hauler. Spent its first 31-years and 56k miles with the original owner in Alaska before being sold to a guy in...
  19. CIR

    For Sale  1988 Toyota Hilux 4WD LN65 in Canary Islands Spain

    New listing from the personal collection of Canary Island Rover: 1988 Toyota Hilux 4WD LN65 Double Cabin Two owner 122,000 kms Restored 2L diesel motor 5 speed manual
  20. CarterB

    For Sale  Toyota Hilux 4x4 diesel

    Ready to go anywhere and turn heads everywhere!!! Hand picked it while down unda and had some fun flogging endless stretches of beach dunes and even toted my 2 year old with me the whole time camping:p It hasn’t missed a beat and has been a total blast! Pics should do most of the talking but...
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