high steer

  1. Mike Shull

    SOLD  Denver, CO: 1978 FJ40 Axles

    For the most recent information, including the description, price and contact information, please use this link: 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser Axle Housings Complete - auto parts - by... - https://denver.craigslist.org/pts/d/eastlake-1978-toyota-land-cruiser-axle/7330920608.html
  2. Godfather90

    SOLD  Fj60 Front Axle Parts- Longfield axles Marlin crawler Hi-Steer arms SoCal

    Hello Everyone, I changed my front axle late last year and have some leftover parts from the old one for sale: Here's a set of marlin crawler high steer arms. I will press the new pins in for the next owner. Also have the knuckles if someone wants them. Also for sale are these Longfield...
  3. AlbertoSD

    For Sale  Marlin High Steer - 25mm Steering Upgrade Kit w/ Arms

    I have a brand new set of Marlin High Steer arms, with the 25-mm pin upgrade (versus the stock 17-mm ones). These will work on 40-series, 50-series, 60-series, and 70-series (pre 5-lug change) if/when you are planning to do Spring Over Axle (SOA). I also bought an extra set of four (4) knuckle...
  4. reddingcruiser

    For Sale  FJ40 Front and Rear Axles with Lockers

    I am selling my not-so-stock FJ40 axles. Front axle has a large pattern knuckles, disk brake axle set up for SOA, 4Plus extender sleeve and 62.5 +/_ WMS-WMS, ARB, oil fill plug relocated to compensate for SOA and C&T. Ruff Stuff spring perches. Set up to be installed WITHOUT out-boarding the...
  5. Bluegrass40

    High Steering Build '78 FJ40

    Considering SOA with high steering on my '78. Have some questions that I have not found answers to.... I like this setup with the connecting rod behind the axle. I believe this is a 4x4 labs system, although I was not able to find it on their website. Does anyone run this or something...
  6. DeadguyLLC

    Steering Problems with high steer

    I have a 1978 FJ 40 with a SOA lift and 35" tires. I installed a high steer kit from 4x4 labs, and use a saginaw box with a two piece jointed shaft for power steering. Before the high steer kit, i had a serious case of bump steer. After installation, and the switch to a two piece shaft and new...
  7. bryanb

    Why not an extended tie rod end to elevate drag link???

    Hey Guys, I haven't been able to find any info on the topic for our 80 series rigs? I have bent my drag link running into rocks. I don't have the budget for high steer, so just wondering if anybody has ever produced or even considered an extended tie rod end for the drag link that would...
  8. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  4x4 Labs High Steer - Sold

    Complete 4x4 Labs 'Frombe' High Steer for SOA FJ40 with large pattern knuckles. Includes knuckle steering arms, steering bars, tie rod ends, and drop pitman arm for 60 series P/S box. Brand new in the box. $400 plus shipping from Cincinnati
  9. franken60

    4x4 Labs High Crossover Question

    I just purchased a complete hi-steer/ high crossover 4x4 labs steering setup for my 60 from a fellow local cruiserhead, are there any modifications I have to do to the Pitman Arm? I'm assuming the taper is different on the Chevy 1-ton rod ends than the one on the stock 60 series ends. I have...
  10. Zach W

    High steer questions

    Lately I've been looking for a high steer kit for the soa I'm doing on my cruiser next summer and I'm in the process of gathering parts. Does anybody have recommendations for the kit that will give me the best quality without totally destroying my wallet? I've seen a lot of kits in the upper 4...
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