headlight upgrade

  1. lechnito

    Installation Guide for ARB Headlight Harness and Hella H1/H4s

    I recently upgraded the headlights and wiring harness on my FJ62 and wanted to document the steps I took in case it helps anyone in the future. This guide applies to those of us who drive four eyed vehicles and FJ60 owners will need to follow a slightly different process. Parts you will need...

    Dual battery setup and headlight upgrade in Salt Lake City

    On the growing list of things to do on the FJ62 before Cruise Moab is a dual battery setup and headlight upgrade. I'm looking for a shop in the Salt Lake City area. Cruiser Outfitters told me it isn't a big enough job for them unless I'd be willing to wait until the slow season. Does anyone...
  3. SAM1HDT

    Standard vs Sahara headlights.

    Hey guys, I have done a search, but can't find any info on this. Do either setup have better light output? The standard/gxl are physically bigger headlights. But I don't know if the sahara are better designed for light output... $300 on ebay can get a set of sahara headlights. Don't know if...
  4. B

    Need help replacing the headlight harness in my FJ62

    Hey out there, I'm brand new to the forum, new owner of a stock 62 and new at restoring anything. The Fj62 was owned by my dad originally and then left in a dirt field and forgotten by us kids for 12 years to age gracefully and die. Haha, she didn't keel over! I picked her up, towed her home...
  5. LittleRedWgon

    Unknown wires ...any help???

    I just started a headlight upgrade with bussmann relay.. Took out battery to have full access and there are two questions I have ... 1. What is this wire that is hooked up to nothing and 2, what does this 2 prong female connector for??? The 2 prong comes in with headlight harness and mysterious...
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