1. cruisernewser

    Advice Help on FJ80 Engine Issues!

    Hello all, Ive been following this site for years and finally needed to register and post my own issue. I have a 92 fj80 3FE 170k and have not been able to drive it since I purchased a month 1/2 ago it had been sitting for 1yr. It drove alright when I bought it would not accelerate normally...
  2. T

    For Sale  FZJ80 Head Gasket, Head Bolts, misc

    I have a few things that I ended up not needing for my engine rebuild. These are brand new, OEM parts. Might trade for ARP head bolts or cometic gasket. Head Gasket- $75 (SOLD) Oil Cap- $10 Head Bolt Set (Qty 14)- $175 Parts are in OKC, OK.
  3. Ozpall

    For Sale  Fzj80 headgasket n new engine parts fs:

    I was planning on doing a headgasket overhaul eventually but truck was running great and low miles so decided not to mess with it. Attached pic shows a list of what I have and what I paid. The only thing not included is the fusible link. Not pictured the headgasket as its in another long box...
  4. B

    Should I rebuild my 1FZ-FE? How to make an informed decision?

    There are 296,000 miles on my LX450 and I just blew the head gasket on the way home from my last wheeling trip. I pulled over on the side of the highway to start a DVD for my 3 year old, and saw that my Ultra Gauge was reading 249 degrees F, so I pulled deeper off the shoulder and saw the big...
  5. flintknapper

    Well...Well...Well........Mr. Headgasket ! :(

    Just shy of 300K miles on my 97. Was checking my oil the other day and noticed a bit of black sticky substance in my radiator overflow bottle. Not oily or slimy...but sticky and black. Removed the bottle and cleaned it all out, refilled with new coolant. Curious what the heck it could be, I...
  6. Ozpall

    Parting Out  Rebuilt fzj80 head fs

    I was planning on doing my headgasket so I picked up a head from another member here and had a good machine shop rebuild the whole thing, I got all parts and seals from onur, head gasket every thing but unfortunately I won't be able to do this project for awhile nd I could use the cash. I...
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