1. alia176

    Please welcome Smurfette, newest member to HDC

    Holly and Steve are the proud parents of Rosa Lindsley, aka Smurfette. 5lb 4oz born 11:54 3.15.17 Smurfette, 5lb 4oz born 11:54 3.15.17
  2. juane

    HDC 100 Owners

    How many of you are there? Marc, Larry.... Care to share your experiences building your rigs? What have you done and plan to do. Any problems? Issues? Words of advice?
  3. jstncse

    Cruising for Coffee... May 14th

    Where: Daily Grind When: 0900 as recommended from the last meeting, outside if the weather is nice. Agenda: T-shirts and Hoodies are in Cruise Moab trip report Overland Expo plans Helping Emily and Rob with their 40 I will be there a little earlier to make sure that we have a spot, 0900 seems...
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