1. D

    SOLD  WY - 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser - 228k, Mild Build

    *I just picked her up from the shop after having the front brakes re-done (new pads & rotors) as well as having the front bearings replaced (with seals). I drove it last week and felt the brakes chattering, so I couldn't sell it that way - so now we're back to good as new! Also, new OME shocks...
  2. ncrockinfj

    SOLD  PENDING — Durham, NC: 2007 GX470

    2007 GX470, white exterior, tan interior, rust free NC vehicle since new $13,500 obo I've found I don't really use this as I thought I would. Got rid of a 100 series and purchased this in March, it has sat more than anything else. Title with USAA. Lexus records from first owner, second owner...
  3. acc1

    My New Gamiviti Rack

    After researching racks for awhile to go on my FJ60, I finally purchased one from Gamiviti. My main criteria was 1. low profile and 2. one piece design. There are several great choices on the market these days and it can be hard choosing which rack to go with, but I kept going back to Gamiviti...
  4. H

    SOLD  Gobi Rack, 5th Gen T4R (Manhattan Beach, CA)

    $1500, only works on swap versus OEM racks
  5. MTKID

    For Sale  [MT] Gamiviti 100 Series Expo Roof Rack

    SOLD I’m selling my powder coated Gamiviti Expo rack with the six feet and hardware for a 100 series. Prefer Billings area but I’m up around Bozeman from time to time for work. This is in its lowest position with the basket down but I think you might be able to get it a little lower with the...
  6. AaKnight

    For Sale  Gamiviti Seat Cap and Gear for 80 series seat.

    I bought 2 sets but only needed one. Brand new Gamiviti 80 series electric seat gear and cap. $20 for both, ships free.
  7. RyanTomorrow

    Swap front seat motors?

    Hey gang: So I spent a chunk of NYE swapping out a stripped DS power seat gear for a fresh Gamiviti one. Got everything put back together only to find that only one of the two sides of the seat seems to be moving (right side seems jammed). So I’m going to take the whole thing apart again, but...
  8. rjones

    Gamiviti Rack Wind Deflector Question

    Can anyone who owns a Gamiviti rack with the wind deflector installed give me some feedback here? My wind deflector has developed a rattle. If I open the sunroof and grab a hold of it the rattle goes away. I believe this goes back to my install when I couldn't figure out how to use the center...
  9. rjones

    For Sale  (NorCal - Sac) Gamiviti Rack - Expo+

    Gamiviti rack for 100 series Sold. Cheers, rjones
  10. Custom Gamiviti rack for 2017 200 series

    Custom Gamiviti rack for 2017 200 series

  11. JADANT

    Gamiviti install on '17 200 series - rubber washers to RTV sealant

    I have been reading so many install stories I am spinning. I hear some people use RTV sealant to greasing the threads and rubber washers. I want to make the install solid but also don't want to make it overly complicated. Would love to get some pros and cons on using some of these methods on...
  12. zgarre

    For Sale  Gamiviti FJ60 / FJ62 Expo Roof Rack - Like New

    Gamiviti FJ60 / FJ62 Expo Roof Rack On my truck when I acquired it from the previous owner. I believe it has less than 3,000 miles on it since new (always garaged, both my myself and PO in California). The powder coating rack itself appears in new condition, no significant scuffs that I can...
  13. ColoradoCarlisle

    For Sale  100 series Gamiviti Mounts (6)

    Great shape Using a different rack with mounts 6 of them Its missing one bolt that attaches it to you roof of you 100 series Awesome mounts These are 150 for 6 of them How about 110 shipped
  14. I

    For Sale  [SC] 100 series Gamiviti rack, White Knuckle AHC sliders

    Everything here is sold. I am selling my the items from my LX that my insurance didn't cover after a total loss accident. I'm really not wanting to try to ship any of this, parts can be picked up in Irmo, SC or I can meet you a reasonable distance with them. First is my Gamiviti rack. It's...
  15. PcCruiser

    Gamiviti Install on LX470 Help

    Hey guys. So somehow my rack does not line up with my mounting points. Am I missing something? I can't scoot the rack back because I'm as far forward as possible on the rear and the front mount sits on the cross bar not on the mounting plate. See pics. Anyone have any ideas on how to get...
  16. TexasOverland

    Light Bar Drop-Down on Gamiviti Rack has a new page up for roof rack ordering. I'm ready to put one of these on my '02 LC, but can't make a decision about the Light Bar Drop Down feature. I'm looking forward to 100's in the Hills where I can check out a lot of builds and see what people like and why, but I'd like to...
  17. bw86newman

    Grease for Seat Gear Assembly

    Just got a set of Gamiviti's plastic gears for the front seats. What type of grease should I use for the gears when reassembling?? I have gone through the installation procedures and @nakman 's thread on replacing them, but does anyone have any additional tips?? It seems pretty straight...
  18. Javelin

    For Sale  Gamiviti Full Expo Rack with extras

    Selling my full expo gamiviti rack. Cross bars only with sunroof insert. Comes with ARB 2000 awning, 40 inch black oak led light bar, shovel, and custom maxtrax mounts. It is PC 40 percent ARB semi gloss which has a few nicks/scratches here and there. About 90 percent. Comes with the 100...
  19. 40thSagePearl

    Gamiviti seat gears, the aftermath !

    So I recently picked up a locked 96 black Lexus LX450.. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ! But the seats never worked in regards to the forwards and backwards motion. I did some research online and came across Gamiviti gears. I ordered 2 caps and two gears and went to work yesterday, tackling both drivers and...
  20. btbowie

    For Sale  Gamiviti set of six 100 Series Towers and hardware. Brand New.

    Hello, I have a new set of 6 towers and a set of install hardware for sale. Purchased but never used, need a new home where they'll be put to use! Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks, Bryan $150 for the lot. Basically like buying the towers and getting the hardware free. Ships from 23451...
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