3rd Row Seats Power Tap without cutting or splicing OE harness

    Hello Folks, I have found a way to harness the 2 3rd row seats power circuits that are fused at 30A directly from the battery and always on without messing with OE harness. The OE wiring are not really rated for 30A but it can be safely used for around 20A of constant use and a spike within...
  2. T

    For Sale  92 fj80 4.2 turbo diesel right hand drive Japan Import

    Imported from Japan into Canada last November registered in British Columbia now registration that has expired and we are moving out of the country must sell possible great donor vehicle por owner. runs fabulous 120000 MI, refrigerator freezer center console, because we drove over the Border...
  3. lcforlife

    SOLD  Sold

  4. O

    craigslist  no longer available

    No longer available
  5. 82cruiser

    For Sale  Boston MA: ARB Elements Fridge with slide

    ARB Elements 63QT Fridge and Slide For Sale: $950 Excellent/new condition. Used 5 weekends. Getting a smaller fridge. No trades. Includes these ARB items: ARB Elements Fridge Part #10810602 MSRP $1444.49 ARB Elements Fridge Slide Part#10900022 MSPR $380.00 ARB Elements Tie...
  6. Hotrodlarry

    HotRodLarry Build

    I want to say that I have had very few original ideas for my build. This forum has been a wealth of information. I will recap a few of the things I have done to my land cruiser but most of those ideas can be searched. I have also posted a few other times on individual projects. Search my user...
  7. B

    For Sale  Socal: DFG Offroad Fridge Slide and Tilt for CFX 35/40 - $300

    Hey guys & gals, Up for sale is a brand new, never used, and never mounted DFG Offroad Fridge Slide & Tilt for a Dometic CFX 35/40. Long story short, I was suppose to have a drawer system built and have this mounted to it but that plan has loss your gain! Comes with all mounting...
  8. M


    Selling brand new Dometic CFX95DZW. Brand new in box in original plastic wrap Socal. Pick up only $1100 obo
  9. Trailguy

    ARB vs Dometic Fridge

    I've been looking into purchasing a mobile fridge but can't seem to find a recent comparison between the ARB and Dometic. I'm thinking a 50 size would work good for my needs. Any advice is appreciated.
  10. OutdoorX4

    For Sale  *SOLD* Dometic CFX 28 Fridge Freezer

    Nearly new Dometic CFX 28 fridge for outdoors and overland vehicle-based adventure travel. I’ve only had the fridge for 4-5 months and it’s a wonderful product for a weekend adventure when you’d like to have fresh food and cold drinks when camping or tailgating. The CFX 28 can quickly reach...
  11. 3 Mystery plugs under center console

    3 Mystery plugs under center console

    from what i've read, these are likely for front seat heaters (2 of them) that were a factory option and a center console fridge that wasn't available as an option in the US...or they are something else completely and I'm now spreading lies
  12. GeorgeN

    SOLD  Norcold 30L refrigerator

    Selling a Norcold fridge, model NTF30, in great condition. I’ve upgraded to a larger ARB and this one has to go. Fridge is in great condition except minor outside scratches. Inside is spotless. Asking $280 obo. Local pickup in Orange County (CA)
  13. LXColorado

    ARB Elements Fridge now at REI

    REI is now stocking the ARB Elements Fridge. Interesting how REI is pushing a few overland products nowadays. Their company culture has always been man-powered adventure, and having little environmental impact for adventures. Anyways...thought I'd post so REI members can get a sweet dividend...
  14. athensrep

    For Sale  12V Engel Fridge/freezer SOLD

    Has some cracks in the plastic and dings but cools like it should. It's around 20 years old and holds a 12 pack. I've never tried the freezer function. Comes with Aussie AC cord, DC cord and a small inverter for US AC. Been stored inside. Really don't want to ship it as it's heavy. $175
  15. icorradoi

    ARB Fridge Slide without drawers

    Has anyone mounted their ARB fridge slide directly to the floor in the back of their 80? I use the 3rd row sorta frequently and I would like to be able to install and remove the fridge fairly quickly. It's a 50qt. ARB Just wondering what the best way to do this would be? Plywood bolted to...
  16. N

    LC200 Fridge not working

    The fridge in my 2009 LC200 is no longer working. If I turn it on I here a sound like a relay being activated and I feel some cold against the plastic towards the front like the coil is getting cooled but I feel no air blowing. I suspect it's probably the blower motor just not blowing any air...
  17. RFB


    IM WIRING UP MY FRIDGE In the rear, Ive wired it up to a factory switch one of 6 ive installed, but for the fridge Id like a factory push button for the fridge or should i just hard wire the anderson plug for the fridge and let the fridge do the thinking??
  18. Oakleyguy

    What size of fridge do you run?

    Hey all, Been thinking of getting a fridge setup for my truck. I've been searching around the threads and know many of you have them, ARB especially. Question is, what capacity do you run and if you could do it over again would you stay the same, or upsize? I only put the ARB sizes for...
  19. worldmir

    For Sale  Overlanding Drawers, Water Tank and Fridge Slider LC100

    Built this system about two years ago for our big drive around the world. Well, we did the trip and learned some things along the way. We ended up driving from California down to South American and then from Korea to the UK. We are currently near London and would like to sell the complete...
  20. E

    For Sale  ARB Fridge Freezer 63 qt with custom slide, bag and straps

    Just bought a very nice partially built 100 from a fellow mudder that included, among many other things, what is for sale here. Everything works great and is in excellent condition but the fridge doesn't leave enough room for the pooches (plus the Cruiser was a bit out of our price range so I...
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