1. mcgx470

    Fog Light Brightness

    I have tried a few different style of bulbs in my stock fog lights on my '03 GX and they all are pretty dim compared to other vehicles I have had and others I have seen. I can almost look directly into where the beam is and its not too bright. With the fog light off I noticed what looks like...
  2. EgyptOffroad

    For Sale  NOS 40 Series Fog Lamps in original box Part # 81210 60010

    Hello, I have a few sets of NOS 40 Series Fog Lamps. Old stock forgotten for 40+ years. Fogs include bulbs. Price 160 $ for the pair of Fog Lamps including bulbs. I am located in Cairo, Egypt. Shipping costs will depend on buyers location.
  3. Swampfox58

    Gauge Cluster Fogging Up

    The humidity has been causing my gauges to fog over. Is the a gasket behind the gauges that I could replace to prevent this? Open to suggestions...moving, currently is not an option.
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