fog lights

  1. O

    Wanted Toyota/Koito OEM/JDM Fog Lamps - Fog Lights

    Looking for a pair of these, I know there are different models and shapes, but I'd prefer something like these:
  2. linuxgod

    Recommendations on SAE J583-compliant flush mount fog lights

    I want to install a set of SAE-compliant fog lights in my forthcoming bumper. I'm not interested in lights which won't be street legal (DOT-compliant). I haven't really seen any options: Rigid makes an SAE-compliant set (SAE Compliant Fog Light Set (D-Series) Universal White... | Rigid...
  3. C

    fog light wires only sending 12 volts

    my passenger fog light wasnt working. I took a voltage monitor, and checked the wiring. It was only sending between 4 and 7 volts to the light. Im looking for a way to fix this easily. Thanks!
  4. S

    For Sale Fog Lights

    2012 OEM Tacoma Fog Lights $40.00 for the pair attachment hardware included
  5. hamishpotter

    Mounting 6 LED pods on FZJ80 ARB bull bar..

    Hello All, I used "search" and after not finding anything (yet) I figured I would not try to reinvent the wheel ask the forums. I picked up a couple of affordable 6 LED light pods on Amazon and hope to mount them low on my ARB bull bar, I'd prefer low and behind the bar so they project low and...
  6. txnight

    Wanted Lx 470 head lights

    Both of my head lights have holes in the lenses. Anyone have a set for sale? Bill D.
  7. E

    OEM FJ40 Fog Lights - location and wiring

    I've looked around and haven't been able to find a thread about installation of OEM fog lights on an FJ40. Which surprised me, because if you are looking for 40 parts online it's hard not to find an add for OEM or replica fog lights. Does anyone have any information on the correct placement of...
  8. SoCal_80

    For Sale OEM 100 Series LC Fog Lights

    Used OEM fog lights from a 2006 100 series. Very good/great condition. $80 shipped (PM for pics). Cheers, Sean
  9. D

    03 LX Fog Lights - Outer lights not working?

    I am new to my '03 LX470 - which could be the issue - our I could be an idiot, but I can't find a light setting on the car that turns out the outer bulbs on the car. Inner bulbs are on when headlights are on, fog lights go off when brights switched on or when using parking lights. Could they...
  10. M

    For Sale Brush Guard with Hella Lights off a 100 series- Atlanta, GA

    For sale is an almost new brush guard. Two Hella Fog Lights are currently attached to the brush guard and will come with the purchase. The brush guard came off my 99 Toyota Land Cruiser, in perfect shape. Previous owner had purchased and installed it on the truck, but I don't need it. All...
  11. kevinfoutch

    Slee Fog Light Adapter for ARB Bumpers

    I recently had @sleeoffroad install an ARB Deluxe bumper on my 2011 LC and had their new fog light adapter added as well. These should be compatible for any ARB bumpers that you might typically install the ARB fog lights. The ARB fogs, which many of you may already know, are not ideal for most...
  12. P

    Fog Lights!

    Hey Folks, I'm currently in the market for some new fog lights for the FJ, and I'm hoping to source some knowledge off the valuable knowledge you all possess! I'm buying them to run offroad, but primarily on streets in addition to my very weak headlights (which are hopefully going to be...
  13. Payara Offroad

    For Sale HELLA light wiring - (Huntersville, NC)

    Have 3 brand new Hella wiring for Rallye 4000 lights. Great wiring set that would work for any other similar lights. Made in Germany Asking $40.00 plus shipping (each)
  14. Rex9802

    Aux fog lights on grill?

    Hey guys- newbie here coming out of an FJ (and 4runner) previously. Enjoying my time with the big boys so far. So I really like the factory bumper and with baby #3 on the way- purchasing a new ARB bumper is down the road (side- what other brands are there besides ARB?) I wanted to install a 6"...
  15. Wes

    JDM Fog Lights

    Anybody ever put their hands on a pair of JDM fog lights, part number 81210-69035? They do appear to be different than the typical OEM ones that I see (yellow lenses, mesh rock guards, etc.). @Racer65 @beno @peteinjp
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