fog lamps

  1. O

    SOLD  Hella Rallye 2000 Driving Lights

    I have this set of Hella Classic 2000 Driving Lamps. Complete set of 2 lights BNIB. Made in Germany. $375.00 plus shipping from Houston, Tx.
  2. MaverickFiveO

    Flood lights in Fog Lamp location

    I've been searching on here, but I have not been able to find anything related to this. I would like to drop a pair of spot and flood lights in each side of the bumper where the fog lamps currently are. I know some people have put light bars down there, but I'm hoping to get a mixed pair on...
  3. S

    For Sale  AR - OEM Front End Light Housings (Great shape)

    Hey guys upgraded my headlights and fog lights on my 2003 over the weekend. All original OEM and in great shape. Below are the prices. Let me know if interested as they are negotiable. Headlight Housing - $125 per (2) - pictured Fog Light Housing - $50 per (2) Turn Signal Driver Side - $50 (1)...
  4. O

    For Sale  IPF Super OffRoader Driving/Fog Lights

    I have a set of IPF Super Off Roader Driving Lights. These are the Gold-Clear lenses m33 model. Made in Japan...Brand New in the Box. $325.00 + shipping.
  5. C

    For Sale  2000 LC Headlight/Grille/Newer (new) Toyota Grille Emblem/Fog Lights

    Hi all, did the front end update to 07 style per TLCFAQ & I believe mud user @RobRed ... Which cost appx exactly what he said it would... So trying to recoup a little $$ for Project Barn FJ... 2000 OEM Toyota Grille - $75 + shipping - perfect used condition - a little dirty with some...
  6. frogers935

    For Sale  OEM Fog Lights/Turn Signals LX470

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Good condition stock fog lights and turn signals removed from my 2006 LX470. Price: $150 + Actual shipping cost (local pickup okay) Location: [MD] 20771 or 20878 Paypal okay.
  7. Y

    For Sale  NIB Fog Lamps 40 series

    New in box fog lamps and brackets. $75
  8. zgarre

    Middle Eastern Fog Lamps

    Is anyone familiar with this style of amber fog lamps? They seem very common in the photos I've seen of Middle Eastern FJ60's. Wondering if there is a different hole pattern on those bumpers. It would probably involve a headlight washer delete, but I really like the look.
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