For Sale 2000 LC Headlight/Grille/Newer (new) Toyota Grille Emblem/Fog Lights (2 Viewers)

Mar 9, 2017
Orlando, FL
Hi all, did the front end update to 07 style per TLCFAQ & I believe mud user @RobRed ... Which cost appx exactly what he said it would... So trying to recoup a little $$ for Project Barn FJ...

2000 OEM Toyota Grille - $75 + shipping - perfect used condition - a little dirty with some scratches- I'll throw it in the tub and see if I can get it cleaned up- just been busy
2000 OEM Toyota Drivers Side (Left) headlight - missing top tab for mounting (Broke) but the glass housing is money, and it won't move with the other 2 mounts screwed in. $75 + shipping
2000 OEM Toyota turn signal (Left) and right side - I think left side is fine and right side has a tab missing, will post pics of both later today in an edit. $50 for both
2006+ OEM Toyota Emblem, still in package from Toyota Dealer: $30 including shipping if it's lower 48- I've never shipped to Alaska or overseas so I have no idea if shipping will work out well for us, but frankly, I paid $35 b/c I'm a dummy and the toyota dealer (Des Moines) website made it seem as if an emblem wasn't included... but I digress...
2000 OEM Toyota Fog Light enclosures - they need some wet sanding and clear polish which I just don't have time for... $50 for the pair including the fog lightbulbs themselves (still bright Sylvanias!) + shipping

And I have the styrofoam skinny piece that goes behind the bumper that Toyota charges $70 for, and if you're local and need a slightly bent front bumper crossbar, let me know.

Direct Message me your cell if you want pics fast(er)...

fog lights.jpg

fog light back side.jpg

fog light back 2.jpg

toyota emblem .jpg

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