1. Lyle Kilson

    Wanted  Front right fender flare 93-94 FZJ80

    The previous owner deleted the flares and I need them back:cry: Im not concerned about color or scratches. As long as they are not cracked and came of a 93-94 1FZ-FE I'll be a happy camper. Here is a list of the part numbers for the flares: 53088-60904 LF 53087-60904 RF 61062-60901 #1 LH...
  2. M

    Negative or 0 wheel offset with flares? 200 series

    So I want a nice fat stance on my 200 series without having tyre rubbing issues (some minor cosmetic trimming will probably be needed though) I’m wondering what wheel off set is the limit on these, what people are running with flares? and if any major changes are required when using a wheel...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  LX450 Cladding in SoCal

    All Four door moldings with attaching clips all in good condition. $135 per door. Platinum Gold color, some minor scratches Rear door moldings that have good attaching clips but were painted black $110 per side. Passenger Rear Corner molding (the one that surrounds the marker light) with good...
  4. A

    Can anyone ID these aftermarket flares?

    Hi fellas, I'm looking at options for flares on my 80 Series and noticed Joe Rogan's is running flares without mud flaps. The flares extend the entire length of the wheel arch. I'm unsure whether these are custom or if anyone can ID these? I'll attach the best photos I could find of the flares...
  5. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  SOLD- FJ60 Fender Flares Complete Set

    I have a complete set of fender flares for an FJ60 for sale. These were in the back of a 60 I bought. I can't seem to find much information about fender flares for a 60, but these appear to be rubber and use body tape, not screws to attach. Some have the original tape on the back to use, one...
  6. rghouse

    For Sale  Flares 80 series with gaskets.

    I de-flared the 92 for my painting project and sealed the holes so no need for them anymore. I had purchased new gaskets about a year prior, and flares are all solid with no flaws except for paint. I used rattle can bumper paint that started flaking off (not prepped properly). Original paint was...
  7. D

    Wanted  kzj78 Flares

    Gday everyone, Im in need of a drivers side flare. Does anyone know if the flares from a VDJ76 will fit? Or of a place that does a kit for a full set? Or does anyone have a Front Drivers side flare available? Cheers.
  8. C

    Wanted  100 series Bush wacker flares

    Wanted: 100 series Bush wacker flares specifically rear passenger side (right)
  9. yonah

    For Sale  OEM 200-series fender flares (Super White)

    Mud, I have a full set of 200-series OEM fender flares that were removed from a 2011. Factory painted Super White. All hardware is included. Only blemish is some slight flaking of the clear coat in a few areas; after reading some threads on here, this seems to be a widespread issue with these...
  10. M

    Wanted  Need model 80 95-97 Fender Flares

    Need flares, pair - drivers side (F&R) only. Flares need to be undamaged and un-repaired.
  11. J

    For Sale  FJ80 flares, rear bumper corners and flaps - LI, NY

    I removed plastic from my 96 FZJ80 and have it to sell. Flares (some tab damage so name your price), rear bumper corners also some small dings (name a price), rear mud flaps ($50). Looking for a home before they hit the recycle bin. See picture and send me a PM if interested.
  12. J

    For Sale  96 FJ80 rear bumper plastic parts / stock roof rack

    I have gray plastic parts off a rear bumper and oem stock roof rack - make me an offer so I don't trash them. I also possibly have a full set of fender flares (i have decided on flare or flareless yet but i knocked one off in the rear to see because it was causing rot on the rear quarter -...
  13. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Fits 3FE - 1991-92 Land Cruiser FJ80

    SoCal Parts are from 91 and 92 year models Shipping is extra: E brake cable $20 Air Switching Valve (Vacuum Switch Valve) 25710-61031 $25 Ignition Coil $30 Smog Pump $30 Radiator Side Brackets $40 pair Heater Valve (on Firewall) $27.66 INCLUDES SHIPPING US AC - Heater Control Module (Mounts in...
  14. BJrusty

    Anybody here install the Gozzard flares?

    I'm doing major rust repair on my BJ and these seem perfect for covering up what I took off. Has anyone here installed Gozzard Composites flares on their 60 series? Did you glue them or rivet/screw them on? Oh and are you happy with the quality? $525 +shipping from Canada is a lot of money for...
  15. ATXLX

    For Sale  LX450 Flares/Cladding

    Hey guys, Deflared my LX450 a while back, and these trim pieces have just been sitting in my (small) garage. Trying to make space, and these have to go. Some of the panels have some damage (close-ups in the album below), but for the most part, they are in good shape. I think all the damage can...
  16. M Taylor

    For Sale  200 Series Fender Flares - $350 Shipped

    Pulled off of my 2008 LC. Nothing wrong, just didn't want the look anymore. Uses screws already in wheel well and 3M tape. $350 Shipped in CONT USA . shoot me an email if you have interest : taylor334@gmail.com Location if picked up: Birmingham, AL
  17. M Taylor

    200 Fender Flares - $350 Shipped (US)

    Pulled off of my 2008 LC. Nothing wrong, just didn't want the look anymore. Uses screws already in wheel wheel and 3M tape. $350 Shipped in CONT USA . shoot me an email if you have interest : taylor334@gmail.com Location if picked up: Birmingham, AL
  18. Kaninja

    Wanted  95-97 Rear Fender Flares

    Looking for rear fender flares both sides, both door and quarter panel pieces. Need to be not beoken and no rust on the metal bits. White is preferred but other colours will work. Let me know what you got.
  19. landtank

    Wanted  95-97 front fender flares

    Looking for both front fender flares for a 1995 green truck Green would be best but other colors will work
  20. shmukster

    For Sale  Front flares 91FJ80 white in PA

    Selling a pair of front fender flares I believe these came from a 92 FJ80. In any event the part numbers are 53848-60010 and 53087-60010. These are in good shape no cracks minor scuffing. All the mounting studs and holes look to be intact. Located in northeastern PA. Price $90 for the pair. I...
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