1. Lyle Kilson

    Wanted  Front right fender flare 93-94 FZJ80

    The previous owner deleted the flares and I need them back:cry: Im not concerned about color or scratches. As long as they are not cracked and came of a 93-94 1FZ-FE I'll be a happy camper. Here is a list of the part numbers for the flares: 53088-60904 LF 53087-60904 RF 61062-60901 #1 LH...
  2. TheProspector

    SOLD  Tulsa, OK: FZJ80 Left Front Fender & Flare

    I have a front left fender and flare for a 93-94 80. I was told that this was from a 95 or 96, so I thought the fender would work on my 97, but the flare material and mounting hole pattern is different than mine. This flare is more rigid like fiberglass vs flexible plastic like my 97, and I see...
  3. mtkreitz

    Beige fender pads for LX450?

    Repainted my LX450 and was only able to obtain the rear fender pads in beige before they were discontinued and became un-obtainum. I ordered a black, grey and white set to see how they look and I am unhappy with all of them. Looking to see if anyone has an unused set of new beige fender pads...
  4. D

    Wanted  kzj78 Flares

    Gday everyone, Im in need of a drivers side flare. Does anyone know if the flares from a VDJ76 will fit? Or of a place that does a kit for a full set? Or does anyone have a Front Drivers side flare available? Cheers.
  5. BJrusty

    Anybody here install the Gozzard flares?

    I'm doing major rust repair on my BJ and these seem perfect for covering up what I took off. Has anyone here installed Gozzard Composites flares on their 60 series? Did you glue them or rivet/screw them on? Oh and are you happy with the quality? $525 +shipping from Canada is a lot of money for...
  6. meatloaf

    Fender Flare Adhesive Removal

    What have you all used to remove the tar-like adhesive after taking off the fender flares? I have acetone or paint thinner but don't want to mess up the paint. Thanks, ML
  7. toadshade

    Fender Flare gasket repair/replacement tip

    I just wanted to throw this out there for anyone who has installed the fender flare gaskets. They come with an adhesive strip that connects to the flare itself. When I first tried to attach the gasket, It was a little tricky. If the gasket is not placed low enough on the flare, it sticks out...
  8. Aids10

    For Sale  40th. Anniversary 80-Series PS Rear Fender Flare

    $50 + ship :cheers:
  9. F

    Wanted  1995-97 lexus R/F fender flare and connector to running board, Fred, WI

    Wanted, R/F fender flare and connector to running board for a 1997 lexus 450. Fred, WI
  10. Kaninja

    Need fender flare

    Curious if anyone has a rear passenger side fender flare for a 1996 FZJ80. I Need both the door and quarter panel pieces. Let me know if you have one or know where to get one. Thanks. Edit, well turns out I need both rear fender flares. Let me know if anyone has either or both and how...
  11. M

    For Sale  LC 80 passengers front fender flare

    $80 shipped.
  12. 7

    Trim piece between fender flare & body

    Does the flare come off before this goes on?
  13. rctoyota

    Wanted  93-94 white LF fender flare

    Hi, looking for a clean looking factory white left front fender flare for 93-94. As I have found 95 to 97 have different mounting points. please pm me if one is available for sale. thank you
  14. bahamasair

    Fuel pressure line flare nut size?

    I'm adding an extra inline fuel filter and want to tap into the flare nut where it transitions from the hard line to the rubber line that supply's the original filter. Does anyone know the size, type and pitch of the thread that the flare nut uses? I'd like to order all the adapters I need...
  15. ryanrtxtx

    eBay  1993-97 Fender Flare Gaskets - OEM Full Set

    See link to ebay auction. OEM Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 Fender Flare Gaskets - Full Set - Maroon | eBay
  16. toadshade

    New Fender Flare Adhesive Gasket over Duplicolor?

    I have just removed my flares for a coat of Duplicolor. My truck is two toned Green with the silver trim. That includes a silver stripe base on the doors. I was going to paint that too with the Duplicolor but I started to think of what the new gasket material might do to the semi-removable...
  17. Irish Reiver

    Flare End Caps

    Last week i installed my 4x4 Labs rear bumper. I went with the rear mud flaps but after 1 week i think they look hideous. I plan on removing them this weekend. I also binned the running boards as part of my remodel so now i am looking for a solution to make the flare look finished. A search...
  18. FJ62NY

    FRP FJ62 Fender Flare Installation Help

    Was able to find a brand new complete FRP fender flare set for my 88 62 but the instructions are vague to say the least and even though FRP is an australian company and it is in english, the included instructions seem far from english to me haha Anyone here have experience with installation of...
  19. bucketman

    Wanted  LX450 front passenger side fender & flair

    I'm looking for a PS front fender for a 1997 LX450. Any color will work. I will paint to match. Prefer dent free and flair must be intact with no damage. No rust. I'm also looking for an additional front passenger side fender flare for the same LX450. The closer to Medford, OR the better. I...
  20. Jody Highroller

    Flexhose to replace brake hardline?

    The stainless steel tubing that connect to into the 100 series master cylinder, can those be replaced with a flex hose?
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