1. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ62 , HJ60 , 61 & BJ60 Parts Catalog

    Description: Parts Catalog Condition: Used and complete in good condition Fitment: US FJ62 from 88’ and later , BJ60 & HJ60 Price: $260.00 Shipping: DHL worldwide for $29.33 Payment: PayPal
  2. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ40 Transfer IDLER GEAR

    Description: Transfer IDLER GEAR P/N: 36221-60041 Condition: NOS Fitment: Price: $189,99 Weight: 6kg Shipping: Express EMS for $86.40 Payment: PayPal
  3. MSP1989

    For Sale HJ60, BJ60 & FJ62 Air Cleaner ( Cyclone Type )

    Description: Air Cleaner (Cyclone Type ) P/N: 17700-68150 Condition: NOS without the upper nut Fitment: FJ62, HJ60 & BJ60 85’-87’ Price: $750.00 Shipping: Express EMS For $86.40 Payment: PayPal
  4. MSP1989

    For Sale 3F engine Fan Pulley

    Description: Fan Pulley P/N: 16371-61030 Condition: NOS Fitment: All 3F engines Not 100% accurate Price: $140.00 Shipping: Dhl worldwide $29.33 Payment: PayPal
  5. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ60, FJ61, FJ62, HJ60 & BJ60 MAIN STEERING SHAFT

    Description: STEERING MAIN SHAFT P/N: 45201-60080 Condition: New & OEM Available QTY. 2 pcs Fitment: Not 100% accurate Price: $120.00 per pcs Shipping: Express EMS For $50.40 Payment: PayPal
  6. cedarcruiser

    SOLD Denver, 88’ fj62

    I’ve got a 1988 fj62, 180k, runs good but has some leaks (suspect valve cover and side cover, I haven’t adjusted the valves in at least a year). 4:88’s, auto lockers front and rear. Shop built bumpers and Warn 8274. Good tires, 33 x 10.50 K02's, around 3k on them and 4 years old. I bought...
  7. MSP1989

    For Sale 2F engine Oil Filter Bracket W/Oil Cooler

    Description : Oil Filter Bracket W/Oil Cooler + Free OEM Gasket P/N: 15609-61020 Condition: NOS Without Carton QTY. 2 pcs Fitment: 2F & 3F engine Price: $150.00 Shipping: Express EMS $50.40 Payment: PayPal
  8. MSP1989

    SOLD 3F Engine Air intake Connector

    Description: Air intake Connector P/N: 17805-61030 Condition: New & OEM Fitment: 3F engine Not 100% Accurate Price: $112.00 Shipping: Dhl Worldwide $29.33
  9. MSP1989


    Description : ACCELERATOR CONTROL CABLE P/N: 78180-90A11 Condition: NOS in excellent Condition QTY. 2 pcs Fitment: EU & General regions FJ62 from 85’ and later Price: $150.00 Shipping: DHL worldwide $29.33
  10. MSP1989

    For Sale 2F & 3F engine Flywheel Gear

    Description : Flywheel Gear P/N: 1345360010 Condition: NOS QTY. 3 Fitment: 2F & 3F engine Price: $100.00 per each Shipping: 1. Dhl worldwide $29.33 for 1 pcs. 2. Express EMS $50.40 for 2pcs or more.
  11. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ60, 62 / HJ61 / BJ60 Wiper Relay

    1. FJ60 & HJ60 Front wiper Relay P/N: 85940-90A01 12V Price: $120. —————————————————- 2. FJ62, HJ60 Front wiper Relay 85’-87’ P/N: 85940-90A10 12V Price: $120. ———————————————- 3. ❌Sold Out❌ FJ62 & HJ61 Front wiper Relay 88’& later P/N: 85940-90A04 12V Price: $120 —————————- Worldwide...
  12. MSP1989

    For Sale 3F engine PISTON RING SET O/S 0.50

    Description : PISTON RING SET O/S 0.50 P/N: 13013-61061 Condition: New & OEM Available QTY. 2 set’s Fitment: ( the buyer must make sure of fitment by himself prior to purchase ) Price: $250.00 Shipping: DHL Worldwide $29.33 Door to Door
  13. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ40 and most cars AC Condenser Relay

    Description : AC Condenser Relay P/N: 90999-99089 Condition: New & OEM Fitment: Toyota Land Cruiser, BJ40, BJ42, BJ60, BJ70, BJ70V, BJ73, BJ73V, BJ74, BJ74V, BJ75, FJ40, FJ45, FJ55, FJ60, FJ61, FJ61V, FJ62, FJ62G, FJ62V, FJ70, FJ73, FJ75, FJ80, FJ80G, FZJ100, FZJ105, FZJ70, FZJ71, FZJ73...
  14. MSP1989

    For Sale land cruiser parts

    Miscellaneous parts for sell , reply with needed part picture and we reply with price
  15. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ family parts ll

    Reply for the needed part & we reply for the price
  16. MSP1989


    Part Description: 1. Front PROPELLER Shaft P/N: 37140-60220 Length :655mm 2. Rear PROPELLER Shaft P/N: 37110-36520 Length: 1060mm Condition: New & OEM Fitment: FJ60, FJ62, BJ61, HJ60 & HJ61 from 85’ and Later ( make sure of fitment ) Price: $2000.00 Shipping: EMS Worldwide for $165.00 (...
  17. MSP1989

    SOLD FJ60 & FJ62 Front Bumper

    Item description: Front Bumper Chrome plated W/O Winch 81’-87’ + Extensions Lh & Rh P/N: 52111-60120 Condition : New & OEM Fitment: FJ60, FJ62 , BJ60, BJ61, HJ60 & HJ61 from 81’-87’ Not100% correct Price: $510.00...
  18. AsteroidLloyd

    FJ62 Cooling and Preventative Maintenance Advice.

    As it starts to warm up in Canada, the truck is coming out of hibernation. I have the radiator out at the moment, as it's constantly leaking - will get it reconditioned at a local rad shop In the next few days. My question is while it is out, what are some of the other maintenance items...
  19. tschuszl

    SOLD Portland, OR: 1989 FJ62

    Unfortunately the time has come to sell my baby (nicknamed Ruby). It's been a hell of a great camping rig, and has gotten me everywhere I've ever wanted to go and never left me stranded. Wish I could keep her, but selling because I need a larger truck for towing a camper. See details below...
  20. drew1320

    SOLD Denver - 1989 3FE Engine & A440 Transmission

    I have a complete engine with harness. ECU and all accessories for sale. 230K miles. This FJ62 has been in the family since new and it was properly maintained. Compression readings at 6600 ft elevation: Cylinder 1 = 90 Cylinder 2 = 105 Cylinder 3 = 105 Cylinder 4 = 110 Cylinder 5 = 90 Cylinder 6...
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