1. SAS

    For Sale Used 4" ALCAN FJ60/62 Rear Leaf Springs [CO]

    FS: a pair of used ALCAN 4" lift FJ60/62 rear leaf springs. Rears only as I no longer have the front springs. Six-leaf spring packs. Center pins replaced 5-6 years ago. Surface rust, but in good functioning condition. Includes used Energy Suspension bushings in usable condition, but not...
  2. O

    For Sale 1989 FJ62, blown engine but clean.

    ***Truck has been sold. Thank you all for your interest and happy hunting*** Hello gents, I won't beat around the bush, this cruiser needs a new engine/rebuild but is in really good shape overall. Truck was given a clean bill of health from Atlanta Custom Creations two years ago when they...
  3. fjeng

    For Sale Rebuilt in 2006 A440F trans

  4. fjeng

    TX-FJENG FJ62 gets a 5.3

    And it starts, I am a bit late starting a thread but wanted to document and share my learning as a possible collaboration of knowledge on my leaning. I bought this 62 with original paint No rust and run great but wanted a 5.3 from the start so being a engineer I over complicated things and did...
  5. RojoFJ62

    Pop quiz: What does this plug go to?

    I bought my first FJ about a month ago. On Sunday I took the power washer to the undercarriage to clean off all the gunk and identify leaks. Afterwards, the truck wouldn't start. Then I noticed a vacuum hose that popped off. I put it back on. Then the truck started. Not sure if it was because of...
  6. fjeng

    For Sale Tx: 3FE and 440A trans

    Engine sold! Transmission is rebuilt with documentation and selling under another thread.
  7. RojoFJ62

    aftermarket headlight bezel for j62 - or

    Who's are better or are they the same? Anybody have any input? $54 from Aftermarket Headlight Door LH FJ62 88-90 [TY07107HBL-LH] - $54.99 :, Toyota Landcruiser Parts $50 from Page 114 Land Cruiser 60 & 62 Series Exterior Body Panels Seems to me...
  8. torfab

    eBay JDM FIRETRUCK!!! Listed on ebay, 1988 FJ62 in Freeborn Red 7k Miles

    This FJ62 firetruck was imported by one of our customers, and we are selling it for him. We just wrapped up an extensive build on his 70 series, so FIFO rules and marriage vows state one has to go to keep the :princess: happy. Link to the ebay ad here: Toyota: Land Cruiser Firetruck This...
  9. blissbomber

    4th alternator in 3 years

    I just burned through the 4th alternator in 3 years. Luckily each one has been warranted by Napa but what do you think is causing this, because annual alternator replacement is getting pretty old...? Any ideas? I'm driving then I notice my voltmeter on the dash drops to 12 volts and and becomes...
  10. B

    For Sale FJ60 wagon for sale

    Toyota Land Cruiser 4 Door Wagon 4x4
  11. S

    Parting Out complete '89 fj62, 300k, motor runs, bad trans

    a friend in my neighborhood has been driving this as DD for past year or 2. To my knowledge it ran fine and was reliable for her until trans went out. She decided she was not going to replace trans so I ended up buying for a couple of items that I wanted to replace on my FJ62. The big items I...
  12. E

    FJ62 on Criminal Minds:Beyond Borders

    Gary Sinise cruises about in a really nice FJ62 catching bad guys. It is dark grey and has been blacked out, all together a pretty cool looking setup. Hi tech even.
  13. No. 3

    For Sale 4Plus Swing Away Bumper & Sliders- 60 Series

    We built this HJ61 for Falken Tire's new AT tire ad campaign and bought for the truck some of Dave Gore's amazing 4Plus stuff: a rear bumper and sliders. These are the links to the 4Plus site: 4PlusProducts | FJ60 | Tire Carriers | Classic Rear Bumper 4PlusProducts | FJ60 | Rock Sliders 4Plus...
  14. Toyote

    Wanted FJ62 Stock Front + Rear Bumpers

    In search of front and rear bumpers, stock OEM chrome, in very good to excellent condition—no rust, dents, etc. I can probably re-use my end caps and hardware, but if you have those items, I would be interested too! Thanks much— I'm located in Portland, OR.
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