1. Dustin Messina

    Fj55 Fenders For Sale SOLID

    Two pig fenders for sake. Passenger side is 100% solid no patches super hard to find. Missing up fender but I may have one that can go with it. Drivers side fender is straight, but has patches etc. Asking 350 obo on passenger side and 200 on drivers. Located in Brandon MS. Prefer pickup...
  2. Red Panda Roll

    Fender liners?

    Hey guys. I live three miles from pavement now and the county does a very good job of keeping our gravel road gravelly. I'm wondering what options you might recommend for protecting my new front fenders (black to not match the red which is chipping off in places to show the original baby poop...
  3. Slayed

    Wanted  BC, Canada: Front Fender Vent Covers FJ60

    Looking for front fender vent covers, both sides. Let me know what you have!
  4. a_traut_man

    For Sale  Misc 80 Series Parts for Sale - OKC/Austin TX

    Handful of 80 series parts taken off of my 1995 80 series. I will add to this list as I take more items off. I'm not parting out just don't want to throw away parts that I don't need. DS rear fender flares (body and door) - $60 PS rear fender flares (body and door) - $60 DS rear mudflap - $25...
  5. TexYoung

    For Sale  OEM Fenders 73 FJ40 Texas

    Original fenders off 73 FJ40. Need repair, but solid. You pay to ship or pick up in Ft. Worth, TX. $100 for the pair. I have more pictures.
  6. Krow

    Trade  Lower Fenders

    Hey guys, I recently picked up my first pig project. I'm going for a more stock style with it and it came with cut lower fenders. I'm hoping to find someone who is in need of more clearance and willing to swap their uncut lowers for my cut lowers. My lowers are very straight with pretty little...
  7. A

    Wanted  FZJ80 Front Fenders

    Looking for some FZJ80 Front Driver and Passenger fenders. New or used. Any suggestions as to where to go are welcome. Thanks,
  8. TexYoung

    Re Pop Fenders for FJ40

    I have 73 FJ40 needing fenders. Who on here has used the re-pop fenders that Cool Cruisers and Cruiser Corps sells? Issues, problems installing? Quality of metal used? What's the good and bad?
  9. C

    For Sale  fj40 hood, seats, hard top, fenders

    Hood 200 Gas tank 100 Frame 20 Rough hard top. 100 Rear seats. 200 Some other not perfect body parts available all located in goodrich, michigan
  10. stevezero

    flat top fenders for wider tires?

    Hey guys, I pulled the trigger on a new teardrop build, and need to source some wide flat top fenders. they would need to clear 265 or 275 tire width. the builder typically uses 14 inch trailer wheels and tires, so when I came in with a set of 17 gx470 wheels, they were larger than the large...
  11. Wadesters

    Wanted  OEM Fenders near Atlanta

    I am looking for a pair of OEM used fenders near Atlanta for an early model FJ40 project. Only looking for ones needing little to no work. If you have a pair please send pictures and price to: wadesters@bellsouth.net Thanks..
  12. TexYoung

    WTB FJ40 Fenders

    Have FJ40 and need 2 front fenders. Anyone have a pair they would like to sell? I am in DFW but would travel to pick up.
  13. TexYoung

    WTB FJ40 Fenders

    Have FJ40 and need a pair of front fenders. Anyone have a decent pair they want to sell? I am in DFW but would travel to pick up.
  14. TexYoung

    WTB FJ40 Fenders

    Have 73 FJ40 and need two front fenders. Anyone have good pair they want to sell?
  15. MOTOV8R

    For Sale  Pair 79+ LCH rear wheel wells

    These are from Land Cruiser Heaven. I bought complete rear quarters but decided to patch my wheel wells and use the outer panels only. I drilled the spot welds. $150 plus shipping from Boise. These are $325 at LCH.
  16. Mr Tibbs

    OEM fenders still available?

    2 questions, #1 Are there still OEM fenders still available for sale? #2 Will FJ62 fenders work on an HJ61? Looking into a restore of the body on Stoffel and it might be easier/cheaper to replace the fenders as opposed to repair. Thoughts??
  17. M

    Wanted  74 3/4 or whole tub and fenders

    Looking for a 3/4 tub/whole tuband fenders. Let me know what you have. I need one in the 74 body style. Thank You, Tim
  18. Z

    For Sale  [SF, Calif.] 1979-1983 Toyota 4x4 Pickup Fenders (Right and Left)

    Selling a set of 1979-1983 Toyota 4x4 Pickup Fenders (Right and Left). Asking $20 each OBO. Both fenders cut to fit Marlin Crawler tube bumper. Passenger side fender has rust at lower door rocker area. Local pickup in SF Bay Area. Dropbox - 2017-01-28 15.54.43.jpg Dropbox - 2017-01-28...
  19. peterkcc

    For Sale  FJ40 Misc Parts

    Also selling some other miscellaneous parts. If you are interested let me know and I will send pictures. All parts are off of a parts car I am using for a rebuild. Don't know a ton about the FJ40 they came off of. FJ40 Windshield Wiper Motor Assembly (PO said it worked but wires have been cut...
  20. dirtbike250x

    '74 Build: Dirtbike250x's Project: "Rotten Orange"

    So I have put myself in the face of another project. I am no stranger to the Toyota world as I am also working on a '96 Toyota 4Runner. I have always found the 40 to be a "cool truck". After being jealous of everyone with a solid front axle, wheeling the IFS of the 4Runner, I dreamed of the...
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