factory soft top

  1. mccaleb77

    Wanted  Factory Soft Top wanted

    I’m looking for a factory soft top with or without bows. Located in Salt Lake City. I am aware I can order new from current manufacturers but thought I’d check to see if anyone has one for sale before going that route. Thanks! Let me know if you have one or know of someone that does. Mike
  2. Dougiemo

    Original FJ40 soft top

    Hi all. I just joined and this is my first post. I have a factory original Toyota soft top on my FJ40 that is in excellent condition. It is too much of a pain to swap tops so I am considering getting rid of the soft top. As these are rare, would it be worth much? Trying to decide if I...
  3. Captain Sanuk

    For Sale  SOLD 1968 FJ40 factory soft top (Lincoln Ca)

    Own a legend. For sale is this beautiful 1968 factory soft top FJ40. This Cruiser is stock with a few tasteful upgrades. These upgrades include- - 33" BFG mud terrains - 3" shackle lift and shocks - Full length roll cage - Updated lap belts (original red belts included) Other upgrades in the...
  4. mdennis

    For Sale  FST bows

    Factory soft top bows, missing the 2 pieces over the doors, one side has been broken where it slides into the tub, these were storef outside and show it, including the rear bow had frozen cracking the tube in 3 spots. Can be used just needs some tlc and sourcing or fabbing the pieces over the...
  5. Nixon481

    Wanted  Wanted: FJ40 Factory Soft Door window adjuster/lifter piece

    Not sure what it is called but I need 1 of the flexy brackets that bolts onto the window lift channel on a FJ40 factory soft top door, that allows the window to rest at different heights. It is attached with 2 little JIS screws, which I'd also take if someone has them. Also, I need 2 male and 4...
  6. Tank5

    For Sale  1962 FJ40 Factory Soft Top

    I just posted this in the Classified of the fj25 section. If you are looking for a unique vintage fj40 project check out the link below. For Sale - 1962 FJ40 Factory Soft Top
  7. Tank5

    For Sale  SOLD 1962 FJ40 Factory Soft Top ($2500 Time sensitive price drp)

    SOLD SOLD Limited time price drop to $2500 for just as it is pictured. I found some parts I would like to buy for another project and could use the cash to make that happen. $2500 is less than I have into it. If the other stuff sells then I will be back to asking what I paid for it. Back on...
  8. jralph125

    Factory Soft Top Height Question

    Hello All, I have a 79 FJ40 that I am interested in putting a factory style soft top and bow kit on very soon. My only concern is the height of my FJ and clearance through my garage door, as right now with a bikini top it is close already. Can you tell me with the factory soft top hardware and...
  9. CaptainAussum

    Factory Soft Top Rear Hardware Dimensions???

    I need some help with the location of the FST rear bow hardware found on some FJ40's. I don't have the holes to mount the bracket on the bottom, so if anyone can give me the dimensions on the following pic would be great. Basically, from the centre of the bracket to the edge of the wheel well...
  10. seth

    Just bought on ebay: 1964 FJ40 FST

    Thought you all might want to see what I just snagged on ebay today! It's an Ohio truck, so it's rust-ridden for sure, but I have some plans... For those of you who don't know, I already have a 1965 FJ40 FST (late-1964 VIN) as my daily driver in LA, of which I've been doing a sympathetic...
  11. FixedIt

    For Sale  1970 FST - Restored to be used!

    Hello fellow Mudders! I dropped my MUD price to $20,000, and am motivated to sell. I know I need more pics of the interior (which looks awesome too!) and will get those up in the next 24 hours. I am excited, and a bit nervous, to put my 1970 Factory Soft Top for sale. The Ebay listing is a bit...
  12. krudo

    For Sale  (FST) soft top and bows

    Needs windows replaced and a cleaning. No tears in the canvas and all zippers are working. Was intending to use it myself but priorities have shifted to getting my truck running again! Hopefully someone else can enjoy it. Asking: $2000 Please message with offers. Thanks for looking. Will...
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