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  1. B

    2001 Factory Service manual vs 2004 pdf download from MUD

    I just bought a 2001 LC (AZ truck, 120k) and I'm looking to purchase the Factory Service Manual (FSM). However, I just came across the pdf download for all 100 series land cruisers from 1998-2007 on this site (downloaded here Dropbox - landcruiser1998-2007.rar). The pdf download is actually a...
  2. Chad717

    FJ60 FSM no longer available from Toyota?

    I apologize if I missed an alternative to this already, but I'm picking up my first FJ60 this week (yay! 1985) and under the FJ60 FAQ section there was a phone number listed to get a factory service manual. I called this number and they told me that manuals prior to 1991 are no longer sold...
  3. PbnFJ

    For Sale Sold - 1995 80 series Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual

    Sold the truck and no longer need the hard copy 80 series FSM. SOLD
  4. Jukelemon

    For Sale 1992 Toyota FSM Factory Service Manual

    Hi all. Not sure where to put this so sorry if it needs to be moved. I have an FSM from when I owned my 1992 4x4 pickup. Great shape. Don't need it any more. 25.00 + shipping and if you like an actual book as opposed to digital. Thanks Jason
  5. PIPA

    Factory Service Manuals for 80 series? Helm Inc?

    Hey fellow mudders, I know this question has been asked many times before, but based on what I found, the information seemed dated unless I missed something (my apologies if I did). I'm also a newbie and I figured that a good start would be to get myself the Factory Service Manuals for my...
  6. creehad

    For Sale 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual - TX

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual -Used but in good condition. -All pages accounted for, none torn or ripped. -Located in Amarillo, TX 79119 -Local pickup or happily shipped $125
  7. Navyator

    Factory Service Manual - Japanese Cruiser

    Hey all, I took a spin through a bunch of threads about the Factory Service Manual and the best options for downloading it. I also did a little google research and found two different sites; one is for vehicles made in North America (the one from all the threads) and another is a European...
  8. dogfishlake

    Where do I find a FSM in print form?

    Like the title says, i'm looking to drop the $$ on a print version factory service manual. I've got the digital one but would rather just have the book. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a MUD vendor that sells them or just look on ebay? Also, there seems to be first and second print...
  9. finseeker

    For Sale SOLD...97 lx450 FSM and owners Manuel

    Fsm's are in good condition other than some greasy fingers flipping pages during an axle rebuild. Throwing in the owners manual as well. $100.00 shipped conus. Or could trade for a 97 LC fsm.
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