1. M

    Wanted  F155 cylinder head

    Good used, or rebuilt-- just not cracked like mine is now. I'm in CT but will pay for shipping. Thanks, Michael
  2. fj302

    For Sale  PA F engine + 4 speed trans + transfer case

    F155 engine last ran 5 years ago sitting in storage shed. I just hooked a battery to it turns over and oil looks clean. New plugs. $500 4 speed trans and transfer case $350 Scranton Pa
  3. J

    effect of 3 flat top pistons in a domed top piston motor?

    Hi all, I put off taking the winter cover off of my 74 '40 for as long as I could because I knew once the cover came off I'd be in full obsession mode. I was right... May 1974 FJ40 with the original F155 engine. When I pulled the head last year to have the valves done, I found the engine had 3...
  4. U

    For Sale  '72 FJ40 F155

    Stock motor out of our 1972 Fj40, comes with the stock transmission and transfer case. $1500 for the full setup. Located in Washington state. Edit: I also have a few more parts, radiator, drive lines etc. Let me know if your looking for anything. Here's pics of it as we pulled it.
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