1. KingdomGuitars

    For Sale  FJ80 Toyota Black Pearl Emblems

    I have a set of 2 Toyota emblems (one large and one small- these were for my 98) and 1 Full Time Four Wheel Drive emblem. All Black Pearl, real Toyota Parts. $20 Shipped.
  2. KayyBaby

    Left front door handle part confusion

    TL;DR: Does anyone know if I can use (69220-60020-03) door handle on a 91 FJ80? Or why my special unicorn has a different exterior handle than every other FJ80 on the planet? My driver door is making a noise and seems to pull on one side more than the other when opening the exterior handle. So...
  3. camtman

    Wanted  [TX] FZJ80 Exterior and Interior parts

    Hello all, Just got a used land cruiser and it's missing a few things. If anyone has any of these parts, let me know what prices you'd like to sell them for and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Some of the parts listed are not a "need" but would like to see what kind of prices I can get...
  4. K9CAB

    Wanted  FJ40 hard top roof rack and gutter mounts

    I have a 1971 FJ40 hard top. I am looking for a new or used rack solution with rain gutter mounts (6 or 8). I am in central NM and am willing to drive and or arrange shipping. Thanks!
  5. Ian Mac

    WTB / Recommendations for Sliders for 1997 FZJ80

    I recently bought a 1997 Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary Ed. I'm slowly but surely getting her ready for the trail...Any recommendations for sliders for a 1997 FZJ80 a.k.a. Lana? I know Slee Offroad makes a great product, but if there's other armor out there that's as good in quality but lower...
  6. W

    FJ62 Driver sideview power mirror

    Hey guys, I'm having an absolute bitch of a time finding a driver sideview power mirror for my '90 FJ62. Some a****** apparently took a swipe at it a while back and I can't find a replacement anywhere. Does anyone on here have a driver sideview power mirror for my FJ62 for sale? Please let me...
  7. gummycarbs

    How to disassemble exterior door handles?

    Anyone know how to disassemble the exterior door handles? I saw several discussions here about removing the handles, but none about disassembling them, and nothing about it in the FSM.
  8. cclemow

    For Sale  80 oak interior, sun visors, refinished wheels and more

    Just looking to clear out some parts from the garage after a near complete restoration of a 97 Collectors Edition. Oak leather interior : Came out of a DD. Was serving me well in my 97 Collectors Edition. Lucky enough to find a LX450 interior that was mint so upgraded. Seat motors and...
  9. slider35

    Exterior Paintable Surface: How Many Square Feet?

    This question is for those of us considering having our rigs painted, wrapped, or monstalined. How much surface area are we talking about?. Anyone ever measure? I searched, but came up empty. I'll give it a few days. If nobody has posted the details, I'll do the measuring and put it up here.
  10. ColoradoFJ40

    Exterior carburetor leak. 77 stock carb

    Hey Guys. Aside from my fuel lines running into and out of the carb do you have any ideas as to what would cause these drips on the front of the carb facing the radiator? I had this rebuilt a few years ago and it runs really really well. But I didn't do the rebuild and carbs are new to me...

    For Sale  FJ60 'Snake Blinders' (Chrome Rocker Trim) NORTHEAST

    I have a set (2) of FJ60 chrome rocker trim pieces. AKA snake blinders. They are in good shape, USED, but have life left. They could use a detailing and polish. Looks like there is some road tar on one, but will likely clean up to look like new. I don't have any mounting hardware. I will...
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