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  1. T

    1997 Land Cruiser 80 Car Sound?! Help!?

    I am just verifying if the sound I here is a Exhaust Manifold Leak. If not, what would it be then? Thanks for the help!
  2. Rvrswft

    Headers and back exhaust 1991 fj80 3FE

    91 fj80 3FE 269K and going Having trouble finding manifolds or headers that bolt on (after market). Not sure if they even exist. Found some headers with down pipe from cxracing, but not for 3FE... at this point I’d even entertain a used setup. Found front and rear manifold on eBay and...
  3. djzimms

    FJ80 Exhaust System

    I saw some old great custom designed systems https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/new-exhaust-options-for-emspowered.475569/ but, not seeing any items like this currently. Would love some updated feedback to options to replace the exhaust system from the Y-Pipe back. Looking for better option than...
  4. my67nova

    1HZ-T exhaust routing

    Does anyone have pictures of a 3" turbo back exhaust?
  5. PinkLemon

    BJ70 Exhaust Routing

    I have a RHD BJ70 with factory 3B, the previous owner routed the exhaust out of the right of the vehicle right next to the driver's side window (given it's a RHD). It's very annoying, with the window open it's right in my freakin' ear... I'd like to get the exhaust routed the way it would have...
  6. LittleRedWgon

    Fj60 Exhaust Help--Newbie

    Hey Guys.. I have had my 85 FJ60 for about 5 years now...I am lucky enough to be the second owner and the PO did a great job not bastardizing this sweet lady. I am finally in a position to start making some repairs that are needed...with my free time and extra cash..hahah. I am fairly handy...
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