electronic ignition

  1. FeralOne

    1974 California smog distributor & modification of Mel's electronic ignition

    I've got a 74 that's been de-smogged and still has the Cali distributor. 1F motor. I had to sand away some of the sleeve of the magnet that goes on the shaft under the rotor to make the distributor cap seat into the clips. Just found out today that I should also have sanded about 1/16" off the...
  2. tglaser

    Wanted Electronic Dizzy, Igniter & Coil Setup

    Looking for electronic distributor, coil and igniter setup for my 1F 1969 FJ40. Had a set from a '78 2F installed - worn out and need another. Want to keep it Toyota, so please contact me if you have one in good working condition from a '78 or newer 2F engine. Either PM here or text at...
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