drive shafts

  1. roryhamaker

    Fzj80 rear driveahaft

    Do any of you guys know a supporting vendor that makes good replacement rear shafts? Looking at Toyota and they are 670 new. Don't mind spending that but I'd rather get beyter, maybe a DC, if I'm spending the money
  2. MAO

    Wanted 2F dented side cover, drive shafts, 4speed tranny and tcase

    self explanatory tittle. let me know what you have. shipped to 92154
  3. AggiePE

    For Sale FJ-62 Drive Shafts

    I have a set of FJ-62 Drive Shafts that I did not end up suing on my LS swap. I hate to see them go to waste. $125 + shipping from 75605. Regards, KK
  4. mechanist

    Truck is eating drive shafts

    The stock rear drive shaft was toast when I bought it. Swapped ina driveshaft from my other truck and it ate that one up in a week. Now the stock driveshaft is back in after being rebuilt, but I'm nervous its days are numbered. The truck came with a lift, ARB bull bar w/winch, and a rear swing...
  5. I

    1999 LC - Front drive train slippage? Loud grinding noise. Center diff lock controls it

    I originally posted about this on 11/20 but no replies were received. I have some new information. I have verified that as long as the center differential lock (CDL) is engaged that the noise and engine revving doesn't occur. I believe something is slipping in the driver's side front wheel...
  6. C

    Wanted FJ40 REAR DRIVE SHAFT, '74-84

    Looking for a complete (including u-joints and yoke flanges) rear drive shaft from a 74-84 FJ40. The yoke flange bolthole measurements are: 60x68.5mm and 11mm bolt hole diameter. I live in Northern California-Sacramento Area. PM if you've got one you're willing to part with along with condition...
  7. O

    FJ80 front drive shaft

    Hello, everyone im new to the forum and i recently purchased a 91 fj80, I have a question i recenty purchased a front drive shaft a used one and I am not able to get the drive shaft to fit. One problem its too long it seems like it wont compress all of the way, and also one if the flanges one...
  8. peterkcc

    For Sale FJ40 Misc Parts

    Also selling some other miscellaneous parts. If you are interested let me know and I will send pictures. All parts are off of a parts car I am using for a rebuild. Don't know a ton about the FJ40 they came off of. FJ40 Windshield Wiper Motor Assembly (PO said it worked but wires have been cut...
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