1. erics

    SOLD  IA : fj40 barn doors and plate holder (a set but will separate)

    Complete set of barn doors and license plate holder including hinges, latches, and light. Left door is probably beyond repair but right isn't horrible. Plate holder and is decent, Light has one stud snapped off short. Asking $120 plus shipping from 50312 if you take all. Please PM
  2. 68FJFAFO

    For Sale: Canvas doors and roof

    Selling my canvas roof / doors / frame for a 68 FJ. $500.00 I don’t think I’ll use it and would rather have the money to invest back into the FJ.
  3. M

    Wanted  MO (and surrounding area/shipping): Late model FJ40 doors and strikers

    Looking to retrofit a '73 to the later single piece doors. Looking for a complete set of the 2 front doors with the lock and window mechanisms intact, along with the strikers. Willing to travel to neighboring states or to ship if needed, but pick up preffered.
  4. Nifski

    '77 top on an early FJ40

    What are the issues if any to use a complete late model top and doors on an earlier pre 70 fj40 or pre '65 fj40?
  5. L

    For Sale  SAN DIEGO_3rd Gen 4Runner Set of Doors w Glass and Inner Panels

    Set of Doors w Glass and Inner Panels -- Looking for $250 each but buy all four and get a deal. 1999 Imperial Jade Mica ALL ITEMS ARE OEM Factory Issue Switches and armrests have been sold Driver Door with medium factory tint glass, Side view mirror, wiring harness, hinges, locking mechanism...
  6. MTZ FJ40

    SOLD  FJ40 Ambulance doors. located in San Diego.

    i have a set of FJ40 ambulance doors. no hinges. In good shape. some surface rust but no rust rot. $425 . You can reach/text me at 619-203-8612
  7. MTZ FJ40

    SOLD  FJ40 Ambulance doors $550 located in San Diego.

    i have a complete set of FJ40 ambulance doors. in good shape. $550 . you can reach/text me at 619-203-8612.
  8. afraptor22

    For Sale  Early Full and Half Doors Stafford, VA

    Selling both sets of doors as I update my rig to the later model. The full doors I bought used and they had some bondo on them but were pretty nice. I sprayed the outside with Raptor liner and ran them for several years. They will NOT come with the mirrors or the door stoppers, but everything...

    Parting Out  Salem Oregon LX450 WHITE doors and misc

    Have left over components from 1996 Lexus lx450 Mainly looking to sell doors and inner fenders. There is misc. trim in the back but its rough. WILL NOT SHIP PICKUP IN SALEM OREGON Shoot me a message. Open to trades also
  10. MtnMantologist

    Alarm intermittently going off...not locking the doors fixed it but car got ransacked last night. Would love to lock doors again

    I have a 1999 Land Cruiser with ~225k miles. Late last year the alarm started going off at 10-11 at night. Not every night but at least every 10-14 days. I asked the local Toyota dealer to diagnose it and they told me the door sensors are not communicating with the computer so the alarm thinks...
  11. W

    SOLD  Washington - FJ40 Parts

    Lots of Fj40 Parts from a 1972 and 1974. Pair of doors Oem Bucket Seats 74' Oem Bench Seat 72' Long jump Seats 72' Spare Carrier Heater Pedal assembly Steering Column 72' Steering Box 74' Warn Locking Hubs And much much more. Don't have pictures of everything Let me know what you're looking for.
  12. W

    FJ40 ambulance doors from China (Jiansu Juncheng)

    Hi all, I’m in the process of adding a hard top for a 76 FJ40. Everything I’m finding locally is too far gone for the level of repair I’m willing to put in so I’ve decided to try out a hard top build using parts manufactured in China from Jiangsu Juncheng (I’ve read some positive reports about...
  13. Unless

    TAC Want to buy 2024

    Looking for doors for a FJ40. Preferably single window - 1975 and beyond. Condition not too important, but would like them complete with glass, mechanism, etc. Would also be interested in half doors. Thanks
  14. C

    Close Gaps in Doors - Already Installed New Door Gaskets

    Just installed new gaskets in the doors of an FJ40. There are gaps - any way to close those gaps?
  15. R

    1985 BJ70 doors

    I am looking for all doors for my BJ70.
  16. districtmotors

    SOLD  Cleveland, OH USA - FJ40 Ambulance Doors

    FJ40 Ambulance Doors - $800 Hello! Up for sale are a set of FJ40 Ambulance Doors. I purchased these a few years ago and have decided to forgo making my 1979 a hardtop. (In fact, I have my truck listed here if interested) These are in great overall condition and include all of the parts. The...
  17. Wildcat Walker

    SOLD  KY: FJ40 75+ Front Doors & Ambulance Doors, so cheap they're almost free

    A full set of FJ40 doors. I have taken lots of photos, if you need me to get any other pics I'll be glad to. I tore of that PO garbage aluminum pop rivet repair. $50 for the set. I can arrange for shipping if needed. I strongly prefer payments that cant be taxed. Thanks.
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal 80 series seals for doors, windows, hatch, tailgate etc.

    All can be shipped, all in good supple condition without rips, cracks or holes. Please call to special order, get prices, etc. they can be usually shipped in 24 hours, or local pickup in SoCal.
  19. C

    Wanted  FJ62(with Power Windows) Front Doors and Front Fenders, Rust Free!

    Can you help? Deer got me and I need to get the 62 back on the road. Located near Baltimore/Washington. Thank you!
  20. joesfj40

    For Sale  FJ40 late model doors

    Just like the headline says… Set of late model fj40 doors… Little on the rough side… $850 USD Located in morro bay California 93442 USA Willing to assist with delivery. Photo album link Cheers, -Joe
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