1. mt hood cruiser

    For Sale Baker City, Oregon FJ40 Hard doors

    1979 FJ40 doors $800 selling good set of late model 40 series hard doors complete with glass and new mirrors. solid only one small spot of surface rust as shown.
  2. districtmotors

    City Racer LLC Doors - Anyone try them?

    I have been on the hunt for solid doors for my 1979 40. I was told by someone here NOT to look at reproduction, specifically the ones from Colombia, because of poor quality. City Racer seems to be pretty reputable. Any thoughts, feedback etc?
  3. J

    1991 FJ80 disable automatic door unlocking

    Doors lock on Start up need code to disable - seems to work for later models. Has anyone tried to disable automatic door locking/unlocking on a 1991? I've tried the code with no success. My issue is that all...
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale SoCal - 80 series Doors, Glass, Tail Gates, Tail Hatches, cowls, etc.

    Sorry, no hoods, windshields, fenders or valance(below grill panel). All parts are rust free, LOCAL PICKUP ONLY FOR SHEET METAL PARTS. Shipping available on glass and cowls. FJ80 Collector SILVER Star
  5. SlimerP98

    Wanted California Central Valley: Early FJ40 Doors/Top

    Hey Everyone! I am looking for doors for my 64 FJ40, either hardtop or soft-top variants. I have some older not OEM soft top on it currently that has some holes in it and needs the windows to be replaced, so I am also thinking about replacing that with another soft-top or hardtop if it's not...
  6. scoobiedubes

    Wanted Uber-early 40 and 25 FHT doors with pull window hardware

    This will take me a while to find I’m sure but my 1960 FHT FJ25 is missing all the window hardware, replaced with some nice slide bolts (photo with the white door)! Willing to purchase entire set of doors to get the hardware, or (ideally) just the hardware itself.
  7. Toyoder

    Trade FJ40 Fiberglass Door (1) S.W. Penn

    Ok cruiser people,I have this (and only 1) passenger side door. New everything! I want to sell it,but am not real sure on its value. The door is complete. I am going to go to a soft top and doors. I also have the early fiberglass side panels (2) Looking for the value on these as well as...
  8. Drake2

    SOLD WI - Bug Catcher Doors (complete pair) 1964 IIRC

    Decided a couple weeks ago to let these go as I have had them in storage for years. I had these sold to another MUD member until they tried to SCAM me from overseas. I wasted 3 pages of PMs and hours of time not to mention the trucker missed 2 other runs because of all the BS only for payment...
  9. senatedestroyer

    Lx door restoration?

    my rig: 96 lx450, 181k, I bought my 96 lx a little under a year ago. I’ve noticed over that time the windows have loosened up (rattle when not fully up, sliding out of the track about 1/8th in.). Wondering if anyone has restore these; replacing clips/brackets, updating mechanics, replacing...
  10. Drake2

    Door Seals - Rubber The Right Way

    Got this door seal material in a bulk 40 parts purchase on Friday along with some CruiserCorps parts. The material is very supple, yet rebounds nicely. Does anyone have experience with the brand/product? If so, would you recommend it?
  11. Godfather90

    Trade DELETE

    Hello all, I built a tailgate for my 1978 FJ40 and Would like to make the switch to a lift back/rear hatch setup from the earlier model land cruisers. I know its a long shot but ideally we would trade my rear doors, hinges/hardware, and the cross member/header for your rear hatch, header and...
  12. tancruiserjr

    For Sale Steamboat Springs, CO - 76ish FJ40 Front Doors

    Anyone need some tan doors? Grabbed these for a project that didn't work out. PO claimed they are off an 84ish but i'm a little skeptical. Includes what is pictured and no más. Surface rust on driver side, door card is in decent shape but vinyl is a little beat up. Passenger side door card and...
  13. S

    PS Rear Door Won't Close

    Good afternoon y'all! Total noob here when it comes to forums, so if I'm wrong please let me know. This morning I was packing up my stuff to go mountain biking, I open the passenger side rear door and it wouldn't shut. It seems like it isn't latching at all. I checked to see if it was getting...
  14. Bluetribal

    For Sale 94 Land Cruiser - Green Body Parts - Murrieta, CA

    Shell is gone it has met it's demise at a SoCal junk yard. Hood $200 Rear lift gate with glass $400 - SOLD Frame is also available, Cali rig minimal rust if any! $500 obo Rear Cargo sliding glass. Passenger side has the rubber and the Drivers side the rubber was no good. I will have...
  15. F

    For Sale Hard top and matching doors

    Located near Fresno, ca. I have a hardtop and doors I am looking to sell. Doors have all hardware. Top has a few small dings on the sides fiberglass needs redone and missing rear window. Rain gutter needs repairs or replace. No head liner. Original white paint.
  16. SchnooderValve

    For Sale FJ40 - Full Doors 1974 (pair)

    Selling a pair of doors that came with my 1974 FJ40. I have a replacement glass cut for one of the doors. Right now the windows are plexiglass. The passenger side door has been dented in at the bottom. I tried to focus on this in the photos, and will be happy to provide more detailed photos upon...
  17. 6

    Wanted Hard Top WANTED 69 LandCruiser

    I have a 69 Toyota Land cruiser in Oregon and am wanting to buy a hard top and a pair of Doors - My rig is a 69 factory Softtop but im interest in getting a warm so its time for a hardtop!!!! call w details 503 434. 7611 Thanks Paul
  18. sunrk

    Corrent P/N's for non-power-window grey trim armrest pads

    I'm trying to find out the correct part numbers for the non-power-window armrest pads for the front and rear doors (in grey). Toyodiy lists the wrong numbers - it's showing 74210-89106-13 for both the left and the right side (not possible as they are mirror-image of each other) and the same for...
  19. CascadeCruisers

    For Sale fj60 Doors and Hatch

    Selling all 4 doors and rear hatch for a 1983 fj60. Very, very minimal rust/bubbling on hatch around seal. Also have a rear bench seat, front grill, and steering wheel. Located in Bend, OR. I'll take a fair offer on any or all of it. 541-977-2822 - Sean
  20. Matt1260

    For Sale 1981 Rear Ambulance doors

    I've gone through these doors and uncovered everything there is to uncover. Really good shape. Bottoms should be replaced with the door skins (Rear Ambulance Door Replacement Skins) and the pin holes patched up and they're good to go. All threads were re-tapped at original bolt sizes. Doors...
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