door handles

  1. kanacki00

    Wanted FJ45LV project, chasing down exterior body parts and interior lighting

    It's taken me 15 years to bust this old girl from storage, but she's free and the restoration is underway. In theory, by the end of this week she'll be 100% mechanically sound and ready for the next phase. I know that I am chasing unicorn hair on this post, but I thought I'd ask. Parts I am...
  2. morganism

    FJ60 exterior rear door handles

    So, just got these Taiwan knock off $runner handles. They have holes cut for plastic inserts, no threads. But they do have wings on both sides, so can be used R/L or F/R. I used a hex head bolt, and a castelated lock nut, and went together fine. Worked OK. Was 17 bucks for the pair, so didn't...
  3. gummycarbs

    How to disassemble exterior door handles?

    Anyone know how to disassemble the exterior door handles? I saw several discussions here about removing the handles, but none about disassembling them, and nothing about it in the FSM.
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Grey - Power Window Bezels, Door Scoop Bezels, roof light

    SoCal All items easy to ship in a priority mailer $6.40 Power Window Bezels: Driver Bezel $30 mint condition Passenger Front Bezel $25 mint condition Rear Bezels $20 mint condition Ash Trays $12.50 each for rear door bezels Power Window Switches: Driver Master $75 Passenger Front 25 Rear...
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