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  1. DOC66

    For Sale  100 series - All OEM Seats and Door Cards from 2000

    Replaced all the seats and door cards in our 2000 Crusher. LF , RF , 60/40 Split Center, 50/50 3rd row fold away Jump seats. Tan - Leather - 8 person seating Heated front seats... Normal wear on the Front seat Bottoms. No Foam Damage - Front seat bottom leather has started to crack. All other...
  2. unfortunately

    Wanted  HJ61 driver's seat (RHD) and drivers's side door card in brown

    As the title says, looking for an HJ61 driver's seat (RHD) and door card in brown. Don't need to be pristine. The closer the Portland, Oregon the better, as I'm sure shipping would not be fun. MudShip is worth trying, though.
  3. dogfishlake

    Wanted  Oak right rear door panel 97 fzj80

    I'm looking for a right rear interior door trim panel in oak for my 97. I don't need the armrest portion but i'll take it if its what you have. I need one in very nice condition- no damage to dark vinyl on top and nice carpet on bottom. Mine caught something on the bottom and wadded the corner...
  4. Longfinger

    Wanted  DOOR CARDS 85 FJ60 FRONT DS & PS

    Looking for clean blue/gray OEM front driver and passenger door cards for 85 FJ60. Buy out right or possibly trade for parts that you may need. Thanks in advance!!
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