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  1. LyndenCruiser79

    Choke Knob on a 1987 HJ61??

    So... I have a funny question... why is there, what appears to be, a choke on my 1987 HJ61? I searched the mud forum for about the last 30 min and havent figured out what the heck that thing is... I have never seen something like that on a diesel before! ... could be ignorance, could be a...
  2. ToRyota

    Wanted 24v HJ61 AC Compressor

    The AC compressor in my 24v 88' HJ61 has completely seized, and it's looking like I need to replace it. If you have one for sale, or know of a way to get one, please let me know! Thanks!
  3. Ezeboog

    For Sale 1988 Landcruiser HJ61 RHD 12ht turbo diesel. 178,000 miles

    Make me an offer I can't refuse. More info at parkcityautosales.com HJ61 needs nothing. Ready to roll. This rare bird turns heads like nothing other in Park City, Utah. I am now a auto dealer in Park City, Utah and this rare bird has been transferred into the inventory of the new dealership...
  4. Ricktor

    For Sale HJ-60 Right hand drive. Built out. 157k miles

    I'm offering for sale my 1989 JDM HJ-60. Original paint. Build out was performed by Steve Jackson's crew at Land Cruisers Direct. Feel free to give him a call and ask about the condition of the truck. Here are a list of parts that are all present and in great working order. 2H 4.0L Diesel...
  5. bottombracket

    Local resources needed- diesel and window/tint, for starters

    Dear all, I just acquired an HJ61 and need some immediate help/advice. I am a total diesel mechanic noob. Anyone know a shop here in Austin that can rebuild Denso injectors, and maybe even the injection pump? I am getting black smoke on heavy throttle pedal/acceleration, and have a decent...
  6. gheverly


    So, my e-brake light is turning on randomly. At first I thought it was just the electrical circuit issue causing the light to indicate that the e-brake was still engaged although it was not. But some research how now shown me that the e-brake light indicates the e-brake being engaged, brake...
  7. Colington

    My first HJ61. What to do now?

    First off, great site! I've participated in other forums for years and had several Toyota pickups, but this is a new animal and you guys/gals are awesome! I recently splurged and purchased an 1989 HJ61 12-ht RHD (my first) as I live in San Diego. It has 337,xxxkm so just shy of 210,000 miles...
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